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Ling Hu (令狐) was the sole ancestor / grand elder / grandmaster of the Yellow Maple Valley.[1]


He was an old man with fully white hair and a yellow, withered expression. He wore embroidered clothes.[1]


Ling is the grandmaster of the Yellow Maple Valley Sect, but rarely gets involved in the daily affairs of his own group. He enjoys his privacy and quiet life style to continue cultivating his abilities; he has his senior students (the instructors of the sect) to run daily operations of the sect. When people think of a grandmaster, they think of a powerful cultivator that commands great power, respect, and leadership; Ling is none of that. He finds it offensive when his own students call him for help and didn't want to be bothered nor get involved during The Great Tianan Zhengmo War. Ling is not above treachery, he abused the trust within his own sect to sell them out to save himself. When Yellow Maple Valley was about to fall, he offered no hope to his students and bluntly admit they're doomed; it was his senior students that had to boost morale. To save himself, he was willing to sacrifice some of his students to escape the war. Overall, Ling was a shrewd survivalist unbecoming of a grandmaster.


Ling Hu entered Nascent Soul stage 300 years before he first met Han Li.[1]

Old ghost Ling Hu is just a bit older than Cheng Tiankun.[2]


The Great Tianan Zhengmo War[]

After Six Devil Dao Sects invaded the State of Yue and started a war with the Seven Sects of the State of Yue, Nascent Soul cultivators from both sides agreed to not fight.

When Six Devil Dao Sects launched a surprise attack with help of traitorous Spirit Beast Mountain, main forces of the Seven Sects of the State of Yue suffered a major defeat and great casualties. Afterwards, Ling Hu informed survivors in the sect about the plan to evacuate from the State of Yue, rise in power in a foreign land and return to fight back for their rightful place one day.[1]

Once last defensive lines of main forces were defeated, Devil Dao sects sent groups of cultivators to attack headquarters of the sects. Ling Hu executed his evacuation plan.[3] He sent a group of disciples, including Han Li, in a rush to evacuate, but secretly divulge this information to the spies of the Devil Dao to draw attention. Then he used another group of ignorant disciples to confront the Devil Dao with the great formation. All of that allowed for smooth escape of their talented elite disciples, while leaving others as ignorant sacrifices.[4]

Ling Hu fled the State of Yue with his sect to join the Nine Nations Union.[5] They settled in the State of Beiliang with other sects.[6]

Moulan Invasion[]

Old Ghost Ling Hu was present in the Soaring Heavens City, when Moulan tribes launched an invasion. He participated with other Nascent Soul cultivators in a meeting about the war.[7] They were briefed by Enlightened Leaf Sect Master Wu Peng and the Flowing Mind Sect's Lady Qi.[8] Afterwards, Ling Hu met with Han Li, who surprisingly reached Nascent Soul stage. As his lifespan was coming to the end, he tried to convince his former junior to join the Yellow Maple Valley and be sole ruler.[9] Despite even offering his legacy, Han Li refused. They only came to an agreement, when Han Li accepted 3 treasures in exchange for 3 requests for help from Yellow Maple Valley.[10]

Devilfall Valley[]

As many cultivators were going into Devilfall Valley using the Ghost Spirit Sect's method, Ling Hu went there in a company of the Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect and a fellow cultivator.[11] After they encountered Marquis Nanlong possessed by an Elder Devil Bloodflame, their fellow cultivator's Nascent Soul was devoured. Ling Hu and the Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect were running away in fright.[12] They frantically defended themselves, until meeting Han Li.[13] They all fought the Elder Devil. Meanwhile, it transformed into a being with 2 heads and 4 arms. Suddenly, they heard astonishing roar. Then the two-headed Bloodflame abandoned them flying towards the place, where the roar had originated.[14] In that direction, they saw Wei Wuya fighting someone. Han Li noticed Daoist Heavencrystal and Elder Cheng Tiankun and moved to the place of battle. Despite feeling hopeless, they followed him.[15] When they all joined Wei Wuya, 2 Bloodflame's original soul and his soul fragment confronted themselves.[16] The original Elder Devil and its soul fragment were at odds, but they turned to devour Nascent Soul cultivators first. Ling Hu, the Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect and Wei Wuya faced the soul fragment, while Daoist Heavencrystal, Elder Cheng, his friend and Han Li battled the original Bloodflame.[17] After the original Devil was pulled into a spatial tear with Han Li, the other Bloodflame was heavily injured by the rest. The Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect had her body and Nascent Soul turned into ash though. Ling Hu managed to survive only with his Nascent Soul.[18]

Some time later, Ling Hu passed away.[19]


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Hong Fu

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