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Ling Long is a Late Deity Transformation level Demon Beast residing in the Spirit Realm. She is the concubine of the Divine Wolf Tian Kui and a member of the Heavenly Silvermoon Wolves. Her soul was invaded by a Devil Ancestor named Yuan Cha. As a result, she gradually lost control over her body and was sealed in the legendary Kunwu Mountain of the Mortal Realm.

Ling Long made a mistake during the cultivation of a supreme technique of the Silvermoon Wolf Clan. This resulted in her soul splitting into two parts: Long Meng and Xue Ling. Xue Ling would become the dominant soul suppressing Long Meng[1]. However, Xue Ling would later be gravely injured in a struggle with Yuan Cha's soul fragment that had invaded Ling Long's body[2]. The soul fragment Xue Ling was forced to leave Ling Long's body and was later imprinted onto a Jade Sceptre as an Artifact Spirit by ancient cultivators. This Jade Sceptre was later stored in the Heavenvoid Cauldron.


Obtaining a body - Silvermoon[]

Xue Ling met Han Li after deliberately choosing him as the owner Jade Sceptre after being released from the Heavenvoid Cauldron[3]. She rejected Xiao Cha because she was uncomfortable with the Ghost Qi and she also rejected Wu Chou describing him as ugly[4].

I simply found them undesirable! One was eerie and filled with ghost Qi and the other shriveled and hideous. Although you aren’t a majestic figure, you could be considered somewhat pleasing to the eye.
— Silvermoon to Han Li

As the Artifact Spirit of the Jade Sceptre, Xue Ling would autonomously protect Han Li from fatal attacks[5] from a Four Pupiled Fox Demon Beast that Han Li has mistaken for a Snowcloud Fox. Xue Ling took the opportunity to use Soul Devouring to devour the soul of the Four Pupiled Fox obtaining a body. Using her newly obtained body, Xue Ling was able to directly communicate with Han Li for the first time. She chose to use the name Silvermoon because she was unable to remember her name, however, she was able to remember her origins as a Heavenly Silvermoon Wolf[6].

Silvermoon's (Xue Ling) first meeting with Han Li was tense. She was spared death after educating Han Li that he could control her life and death so as long as he was the master of the artifact of that her soul was imprinted into. Later, Silvermoon transferred her soul from the Jade Sceptre to Han Li's flying sword treasure[7].

Golden Bamboo Flying Swords[]

As the Artifact Spirit of Han Li's prized flying swords, Silvermoon gradually became Han Li's trusted partner. She was given various treasures such as the Purple Cloudlace that allowed her to fight and restrain Nascent Soul grade cultivators[8][9][10]. Silvermoon was granted autonomy and played key roles in counter-plots devised by Han Li. Her Four Pupiled Fox body enabled her to enter restricted areas undetected[11] and rob treasures under the noses of Nascent Soul enemies[12].

Return to the Spirit Realm[]

Silvermoon unknowingly returned to the Kunwu Mountain range by following Han Li. The mountain sealed her Silvermoon Wolf (Ling Long's) body containing Yuan Cha's soul fragment. An Elder Devil Bloodflame that was accidentally released from the Devilfall Valley weakened the seal freeing Yuan Cha and unintentionally freeing Long Meng - Silvermoon's (Xue Ling) other half. Silvermoon would merge with Long Meng to become Ling Long. However, this time Long Meng was the dominant soul. As Ling Long, she was able to evenly fight with Yuan Cha for control over her own Silvermoon Wolf body. Ling Long would team up with Han Li, Xiang Zhili, Corpse Xiong to turn the tides of the battle. However, this forced Yuan Cha to sacrifice her original Silvermoon Wolf body as a catalyst in a Devil Dao technique to greatly increase its power[13] causing damage to her original body. Unable to win, Ling Long temporarily restrained Yuan Cha within a black hole.

After the scuttle, Ling Long disappointed Xiang Zhili and Corpse Xiong who were looking to ascend with Ling Long to the Spirit Realm. She delivered the bad news that the original Reverse-Spirit Streams that connected the Spirit Realm with the Mortal Realm were no longer open. Reverse-Spirit Streams are opened from the Spirit Realm using peak-grade spirit stones. When ancient cultivators returned to the Spirit Realm after the ancient wars, they used a Realm Whisper Incense to signal members of the Spirit Realm to open Reverse-Spirit Streams[14]. To get the two Deity Transformation cultivators to leave, Ling Long shared information about Spirit Nodes that supposedly provided an opportunity for them to ascend to the Spirit Realm.

To return to the Spirit Realm, Ling Long solicited Han Li's assistance in re-obtaining her body from the temporarily restrained Yuan Cha. Before the battle, Xue Ling (Silvermoon) briefly took control over Long Meng. This allowed Han Li to erase all memories related to his heaven-defying bottle. Xue Ling would greatly damage her soul as she performed Soul Devouring on her original Silvermoon Wolf body to take control over Yuan Cha.[15] As a result, Long Meng became the dominant soul of Ling Long. Having returned to her original body, Ling Long was able to summon a Reverse-Spirit Stream using her Star Defying Plate to return to the Spirit Realm. Before doing so she helped Han Li by giving him information on Reverse-Spirit Streams, information on Spatial Nodes, and sending him out of the Kunwu Mountain range.[16]

Spirit Realm[]

Upon return to the Spirit Realm, Silvermoon now known as Ling Long went back to her hometown and deliberately spilt herself from her Fiancé Tian Kun and stayed with her grandfather Ao Xiao. It is also noted that during the Devil Dao invasion, Tian Kun was killed in battle. Silvermoon after being in Spirit Realm for so long was hit with a bottleneck and unable to breakthrough her cultivation and her Grandfather quickly pinpointed that it is due to her inner demons where she is unable to forget her memories back in the Human World with Han Li, so Ao Xiao gave Silvermoon the Art of Indifference cultivation art in order for her forget. [17]

It turns out that Art of Indifference is incompatible with Silvermoon Seven Star Moon Physique. If she were to ever attain full mastery of the Art of Indifference, she would suffer magic power backlash and lose her entire cultivation base. Prior to this, Ao Xiao prepare a backup plan to undo the cultivation art when something goes awry. However the method need to be cultivated by the person that related to Silvermoon inner demon. By the string of fate Ao Xiao and Silvermoon met Han Li in Wood Tribe forest in the midst of Ao Xiao mission to delay the formation of Qi Devilfication.[18] After appraising Han Li, Ao Xiao was quite astonished by his potential to reach Grand Ascension stage. At first, Ao Xiao try to propose a married between Han Li and Silvermoon only to be rejected by Han Li. In Han Li heart, Silvermoon was more like a soulmate and a sister than a lover, so he naturally wasn't going to agree to marry her.[19]

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