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Ling Xiaofeng was a Late Nascent Soul cultivator residing within the Scattered Star Seas. He along with his Dao Companion Weng Qing were the Heavenly Star Sages of the Star Palace.

Ling Xiaofeng was considered genious as he was able to reach the late Nascent Soul stage within only 500 years.[1]

Starfall Coalition assault[]

Over almost 200 years after the Starfall Coalition emerged, they won over 20 islands in the Inner Star Seas. However, the Star Palace has won most of the battles between the two powers. When even the two Late-Nascent Soul leaders, Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu, personally attempted to assault the Heavenly Star City to crush the Star Palace, they were defeated and driven away. After cultivating the Divine Essencefused Light, Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing were undefeated as long as they didn't stray far from the Heavenly Star Island, where Divine Essencefused Mountain was located.[2]

The Heavenly Star Sages stopped their cultivation, since they didn't know that a five-elements spiritual root was required to cultivate the Divine Essencefused Light and they had only two-attribute spirit roots. With about 100 years of lifespan left, they stopped their efforts with that cultivation art and decided to focus on helping their daughter Ling Yuling with her cultivation and make her ready to take over the Star Palace.[1]

Conspiring to bind Han Li[]

After Ling Yuling accidentally met Han Li after about 150 years, a person wanted for the Heavenvoid Cauldron, she was greatly suprised he was at Nascent Soul stage. She quickly sent a message to their parents to recruit him.[3] Wen Qing and Ling Xiaofeng considered his recruitment, but also planned to take his Heavenvoid Cauldron for Yuling. Believing Han Li to be at most a Mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, Wen Qing set out to capture him.[1]

When it turned out Han Li was at Late-Nascent Soul stage, Ling Xiaofeng and his wife decided that they could not fight him, but began devising plans to bind him to the Star Palace to ensure its continued prosperity. To accomplish this Ling Xiaofeng and his wife wanted to arrange a marriage between their daughter and Han Li. If the marriage didn't work, they decided to share the cultivation method for the Divine Essencefused Light that would bind Han Li to the Heavenly Star City's mountain without telling that one needed five-elements spiritual roots to cultivate it.[4]

First Meeting[]

After Han Li returned from the Outer Star Seas, Ling Xiaofeng and his wife met him on an island chosen by Han Li to discuss the marriage proposal. Unfortunately, he rejected the proposal because he already had a wife. This led Wen Qing to mistakenly believe Han Li originated from the Great Jin. She revealed that the Star Palace possessed a teleportation formation that allows Late-Nascent Soul cultivators to teleport to an obscure location within the Great Jin. Since the marriage proposal did not work, Ling Xiaofeng and his wife settled on helping their daughter on 3 occasions in exchange for their methods in making a breakthrough to the Deity Transformation stage. Given Han Li was not from the Scattered Star Seas they provided him 3 special talismans that would allow their daughter to request favors across any distance.[5] They were hoping Han Li would cultivate the Divine Essencefused Light and was forced to stay in the Heavenly Star City drawing upon the power of the Divine Essencefused Mountain and waste many years with this difficult technique.[6] They weren't afraid that Han Li would see through their scheme, because he was intent on progressing to the Deity Transformation stage anyway.[7]

Assaulting the Starfall Coalition[]

Few decades later, to ensure the continued prosperity of the Star Palace, Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing decided to kill all other Late-Nascent Soul cultivators of the Starfall Coalition, after their daughter reached the Mid-Nascent Soul stage.[1] Since they had cultivated the Divine Essencefused Light they were bound to the Divine Essencefused Mountain (Sage Mountain). However, to enact their plans they exploited a one-month period that occurs every century, where the power of the mountain's restriction disappears.[6]

When the restrictions disappeared, Heavenly Star Sages invaded the main base of the Starfall Coalition and used a secret technique to detonate all the power of the Divine Essencefused Light they had accumulated throughout their lifespan. This resulted in a doomsday explosion that raze the entire base and obliterated several Nascent Soul cultivators belonging to the Starfall Coalition, including Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu, and a high number of Core Formation cultivators.[8]

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