Ling Yuling is the Palace Master of the Star Palace within the Scattered Star Seas. She is the daughter of the Heavenly Star Sages of the Star Palace.[1] However, any knowledge of the relationship between Ling Yuling and the Heavenly Star Sages was suppressed for her safety. She is beautiful and has effeminate aura, but also makes masculine actions and a deep magnetism in her voice. Due to that some cultivators were unable to determine her specific gender.[2] [3]

Before rulership, Ling Yuling acted as the External Affairs Enforcer for the Star Palace.[2]

History Edit

First Meeting Edit

After the events of the Heavenvoid Hall that shook the Scattered Star Seas, the Starfall Coalition consisting of Righteous and Devil Dao sects revealed themselves to directly challenge the authority of the Star Palace over the Scattered Star Seas. Ling Yuling first met Han Li when he was an early Core Formation cultivator[2]. She was fleeing from Core Formation cultivators from the Starfall Coalition and was forced to conceal herself. The Starfall Coalition cultivators had mistaken Han Li for Ling Yuling and confronted him[4] resulting in their swift demise.

Ling Yuling was forced out of hiding after being detected by Han Li's abnormally strong spiritual sense. She convinced Han Li that she did not intend to harm him in any way by answering his questions about the current state of the Scattered Star Seas. The two traveled back to the Heavenly Star City. While traveling, Han Li wracked his mind trying to determine whether Ling Yuling was male or female. When they arrived at the city, the two split ways. Later, Ling Yuling learned of Han Li's feats in the Heavenvoid Hall and that he was in possession of the reknown Heavenvoid Cauldron.

Return to the Scattered Star Seas Edit

About 150 years later, when Ling Yuling was at early Nascent Soul stage, she encountered a late-Nascent Soul Han Li as she travelled to reinforce an island under attack by the Starfall Coalition. She was unsuccessful in her attempt to see through Han Li's cultivation. This misled her to believe that Han Li was only a mid Nascent Soul cultivator. As a sign of good-will, she gave Han Li a badge that represented her authority to allow Han Li to use the transportation formation to reach the Outer Star Seas. When Han Li had seemingly left she sent a voice transmission talisman to her parents - the Heavenly Star Sages to let them know that the cultivator in possession of the Heavenvoid Cauldron had arrived. Unknown to her, Han Li had intercepted the message and became wary of the Star Palace.[5]

Dominating the Scattered Star Seas Edit

Over the next several decades, her parents, at the end of their lifespans, helped her reach a mid Nascent Soul stage. Afterwards, to ensure the continued prosperity of the Star Palace, they invaded the main base of the Starfall Coalition. They sacrificed themselves by detonating all of the accumulated Divine Essencefused Light, which razez the entire base and obliterated several Nascent Soul cultivators belonging to the Starfall Coalition, including Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu, and a high number of Core Formation cultivators.[6]

Then Ling Yuling took over the Star Palace and forced the Starfall Coalition into a steady decline. But then Wan Tianming, the Sect Master of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment, progressed to the late-Nascent Soul Stage amid the crisis. He united the entire coalition and led it recovering all of their lost territories in the following few decades. The Star Palace was no match for Wan Tianming's aggressive assaults, several their Elders were killed and it had been plunged into very perilous situation.[6] Eventually, even the Heavenly Star City was surrounded with the Heavenly Windfire Formation.[7]

About 130 years after their previous meeting, Ling Yuling sent Han Li a mesage asking for help.[8] Han Li arrived to the Heavenly Star City breaking through the Heavenly Windfire Formation. Ling Yuling was happy seeing him.[9] A meeting with all Elders was held.[10] Han Li agreed to fight Wan Tianming for Divine Essencefused Light art and the Divine Essencefused Mountain.[11] Few days later, Star Palace launched a a full-force attack.[12] As Han Li went fighting Wan Tianming, Star Palace's Nascent Soul Elders faced Twin Lan Devils.[13] After Han Li killed Wan Tianming, who was actually Archsaint Six Paths, he destroyed the core of the Heavenly Windfire Formation. Many of the Starfall Coalition cultivators only fled the battlefield. Han Li gained renown in the entire Scattered Star Seas. Ling Yuling gave an immunity to the low-grade Starfall Coalition cultivators, but hunted down very few remaining Nascent Soul stage Elders. The Starfall Coalition crumbled from the inside and the Star Palace ruled again.[14]

Afterwards, Ling Yuling gave Han Li an access to the Divine Essencefused Mountain.[15] He accepted the position of the Guest Elder. Han Li didn't stay there though, and the Star Palace was only using his name to intimidate all of the other powers.[16]

Divine Essencefused Mountain Edit

About a century later, Han Li came back for the mountain.[17] With newly refined Crimson Soul Flag, he condensed the Divine Essencefused Mountain and hide it in the spatial-type falg. Lin Yuling was astonished that he succedded. This destroyed Heavenly Star Sages' plans of binding Han Li to the Star Palace. Then, Han Li decided to stay there a bit longer. He offered Ling Yuling help with her cultivation, and wanted information about Golden Wyrm King in exchange.[18]

Cultivation Edit

Realm Chapter
Core Formation 505
Early Nascent Soul 1132
Mid Nascent Soul 1208

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