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Liu (刘氏Liú shì) is the third wife of Mo Juren. She is also the younger sister of Quling City's lord and the Wind Sect's sect leader, Liu Feng.[?]


Madam Liu appears to be 23-24 years old, but she's actually the same age as Li. She is a master beautician, and stopped the aging of her face with a technique.[1]


Liu has a bold disposition and she is rather ambitious.


Heavenly Vixen Supreme Technique.[1] The moment Han Li saw this woman’s appearance, he felt his brains buzz. For an instant, he thought he had seen a lost goddess. His entire person had sunk into her gorgeous beauty and was unable to free himself. This woman’s tender, beautiful figure was unexpectedly somehow even more gorgeous than Mo YuZhu, whom he had seen during the day. In addition, the woman’s incomparable grace was something Mo Yuzhu couldn’t possibly have. If one were to say there were truly fox-spirits on this Earth, Han Li would unconditionally be convinced as this woman was a completed transformation.[2]



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