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Long Dong was a late Deity Transformation stage member of Long Family.[1]


The Long Family put the Yin Yang Extreme Mantra and 2 other items on auction to lure out members of other True Spirit Families. After the auction, Chi Lao, who led it, met with Long Dong and reported to him, who bought it.[2]

Mission in the Primordial World[]

More than 120 years later, when the war with foreign tribes was approaching, Long Dong participated in a mission created by the Deep Heaven City to scout the movements of the Wood Spirit Tribe and gather information from spies. He travelled together with 2 humans, Ye Ying and Han Li and 2 demons, Xiao Hong and Li from Dark Falcon Clan.[1] During months of travel, they encountered a Lighting Turtle and rare Zoysia Dragon Fruits.[3]

When they reached the Great Southern Desert, they noticed a small town of humans there.[4] It turned out to be an illusion of the Shadow Tribe.[5] Crimson shadow captured a demon surnamed Li, who in the last moment self-detonated. Long Dong was chased by 2 green shadows, but he exterminated them by burning his blood essence, once he was alone.[6] Weeks later, four of them reunited.[7] After reaching their destination in the Black Leaves Forest and founding a message from the spies within the Wood Tribe, they were attacked by powerful Wood Spirit.[8]

Long Dong managed to get away. Month later, he and Long Yu and Long Lin at mid Spatial Tempering stage attacked Ye Ying on her way back.[9] He managed to steal her true blood with the Blood Crystal Mohe Sword.[10] They defeated Long Family members and Xiao Hong. Long Dong tried to bribe Han Li to join him instead, but to no avail, before Han Li managed to destroy the sword. [11] Then he captured the true spirit blood, while Long Dong fled for his life.[12]

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