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Lu Luo is an early Nascent Soul stage elder of the Drifting Cloud Sect residing within the Dreamcloud Mountains within State of Xi located in the Heavenly South Region. He is very perceptive at reading between the lines[1] enabling him to effectively administrate the sect and navigate diplomatic relationships with other sects[2]

middle-aged man with a sallow complexion

First Meeting[]

Lu Luo was cultivating in his cave residence when he was startled by his spiritual sense. He was shocked and in disbelief that someone had been forming their Nascent Soul within the Drifting Cloud Sect. Lu Luo quickly met with elder Cheng Tiankun. He searched his memories trying to guess who was forming their Nascent Soul, but came up empty as none of the Core Formation cultivators within the sect were at the false Nascent stage. In their discussion, they deduced that the individual was likely a vagrant cultivator seeking protection within their sect. Adept at diplomacy and administration, they made the choice to befriend the vagrant cultivator.[3]

Shortly after, they met Han Li, a newly formed Nascent Soul cultivator. Lu Luo was surprised to learn that Han Li had formed a Nascent Soul with only two centuries of cultivation. Immediately, they knew that they had to recruit Han Li to be an elder of the sect.[4] Three days later, Han Li agreed. Delighted elders introduced him to the Core formation cultivators and gave him a mountain for abode.[5]

Moulan invasion of the Heavenly South[]

Later on, Lu Luo joined Han Li and his concubine in the the Heavenly South's largest trade meetup in Soaring Heavens City within the State of Yu[6]. He and Child Fire Dragon attended meetups with fellow Nascent Soul cultivators, while Han Li wandered off. Months later, war had broke out due to the Moulan invading the Heavenly South[7]. As a result, Lu Luo was stuck in the Soaring Heavens City representing the Drifting Cloud Sect in coordinating with combined army.[8] He led the forces of the Drifting Cloud Sect to the final battle between the Moulan and the joint army of the Heavenly South.[9]

Number One Sect[]

When Han Li returned safely from Devilfall Valley after 27 years, Elder Lu Luo and Cheng Tiankun were overjoyed. They were even greatly suprised, he reached a mid Nascent Soul stage.[10] In next 2 days, Elder Cheng, Lu Luo and Han Li travelled to the Hundred Possibilities Sect for the master recognition ceremony.[11] A young cultivator was bonding with refined Yin Yang Pagoda. There they met Ancient Sword Sect Elders. Jin Wuhuan was interested in Han Li's abilities.[12] During the ceremony, Master Sunreach visited the Hundred Possibilities Sect to see Han Li.[13] After Jin Wuhuan lost duel to Han Li, the Drifting Cloud Sect became the number one sect in the Dreamcloud Mountains. Elders Cheng and Lu were excited.[14] They wanted to appoint him as the Grand Elder, but Han Li strongly refused, becasue it would conflict with his goal of cultivation and pursuing Dao.[15]

Emergence of the Fourth Great Cultivator[]

After about 100 years Han Li returned to the Dreamcloud Mountains from the Great Jin. Elder Lu Luo, Child Fire Dragon and Elder Feng greeted him. They were suprised seeing him at late Nascent Soul stage. Lu Luo met his new disciple Tian Qin and informed him about death of Elder Cheng Tiankun and situation of Nangong Wan.[16] Then, Han Li was greeted by hundreds of sect disciples. Lu Luo informed about everything in the sect and about his in-name disciple and concubine.[17] Han Li asked Lu Luo for assistance with repressing Tian Qin's Dragon Cry Physique, if he would not be available. Elder Lu assured him to not worry.[1]

In next few days, Elders the Ancient Sword Sect and the Hundred Possibilities Sect visited Drifting Cloud Sect. After seeing Han Li really reached late Nascent Soul stage they were astonished. Two Grand Elders, Jin Wuhuan and Eccentric Pyre only congratulated him. Next, three sects discussed plans for expansion in the State of Xi.[2]

Within nex couple months, all of the cultivation sects in the Heavenly South Region had received the invitations to a grand ceremony by the Drifting Cloud Sect. Over 100 Nascent Soul cultivators and many more Core Formation cultivators attended that event. Han Li only appeared for a short while on the first day of the ceremony. Han Li had challenged both Wei Wuya and Old Devil Concord at once and easily defeated them. They and other mid Nascent Soul stage Elders were shocked by his abilities.[18] Subsequently, the Drifting Cloud Sect's influence began to expand drastically and they had taken over most of the State of Xi. All of the other cultivation sects in the State of Xi either had to concede to them, or re-establish their sects in another nation.[19]

Two years later, the sect organized a grand marriage ceremony for Han Li and Nangong Wan with over 5,000 cultivators participating. The two of them only delivered a grateful address to all of the cultivators gathered at the ceremony and engaged in a formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom before departing from the scene. Then Elder Lu Luo took care of the ceremony making it extremely lively and bustling occasion. It was the most spectacular ceremony held in the Heavenly South Region for the past 1,000 years.[20]

During the next 130 years, Lu Luo and Liu Yu had worked tirelessly to expand the Drifting Cloud Sect, and it had become one of the handful of most renowned sects in the Heavenly South Region.[21]

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