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Lu Weiying is an Elder of Heavenpeak Sect.

Cang Kun's Treasures[]

Marquis Nanlong was stealthily forming friendships with the elders of the Righteous Dao Alliance's Heavenpeak Sect and grew interested in joining their sect. He wanted their support to enter Devilfall Valley.[1] When he wanted to break into Cang Kun's cave residence, Elder Lu Weiying was busy with other matters. Afterwards, injured Marquis Nanlong used Lu Weiying to contact Han Li. They told him about the Ghost Spirit Sect's plan to enter Devilfall Valley and purpose of the Heaven-Earth Rings.[2] They wanted him to go with them to Devilfall Valley for treasures in about 4 years.[3]

Devilfall Valley[]

Lu Weiying and Marquis Nanlong were residing near the Myriad Link Mountains. After finding Bai Shujun in Birch Leaf City, Han Li used him to find Lu Weiying.[4] All 3 of them discussed the arrangements and details of entering Devilfall Valley. Marquis Nanlong admitted that he leaked the rumors that the Ghost Spirit Sect had a method to enter Devilfall Valley, after what happened at Cang Kun's cave.[5] After some time inside Devilfall Valley, Lu Weiying and Marquis Nanlong met Han Li.[6] At the place from Master Cang Kun's records, they encountered ancient python.[7] After bit of effort, the three of them slayed this python called Three-headed Ebony Snake.[8] Next, with Han Li's Yin Yang Ring, they passed through dangerous Greatnorth Essence Lights.[9] Days later, they arrived at the Ancient Flame Toad's nest in a cave with lava.[10] Once they lured it outside, the demon beast was killed after a flurry of attacks.[11] They found items on the ancient cultivator remains. Han Li got a small purple mirror, a refinement method for the Sevenflame Fan and spirit ores.[12] Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying took medicinal pills and an ancient treasure each.

Once Han Li departed, they set off towards the Blood Curse Gate and treasures hidden behind it, following Master Cang Kun's records.[13] After destroying the gate, they found inside great treasures, which were unfortunately sealed by legendary Minor Sanctuary Guardian Formation.[14] Only after great struggle, they broke the formation.[15] Lu Weiying got three magic tools and the many jade talismans and Marquis Nanlong sweeped the alms bowl. Dividing spoils created tension between the two. When they were taking plants, they vanished. An Elder Devil Bloodflame escaped from the alms bowl and possessed Marquis Nanlong.[16] He wanted to take terrified Lu Weiying as a blood sacrifice. As Vast Yang Scarf ruptured, Lu Weiying moved to escape with his Nascent Soul, but he was eaten.[17]

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