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Owner of the Hundred Medicine Garden that Han Li becomes the caretaker of when he joins the Yellow Maple Valley in the State of Yue.

Han Li develops a very good impression of this Senor Martial Brother Ma, and consults quite a bit with him with regards to different issues he faces.

He even brings in a disciple for Ma by the name of Xiao Cui.

Later during the invasion of the Devil Dao sects into the state of Yue, the Yellow Maple Valley nascent soul ancestor assigns Han Li and Ma to the decoy party meant to attract the attention of the Devil Dao sects whilst the core members of Yellow Maple Valley make their escape, it is unknown whether or not Senior Martial Brother Ma and his disciple make it out alive as Han Li escapes to the State of Yuanwu.

200 years later when Han Li returns from the Scattered Star Seas and encounters some Yellow Maple Valley members on his way back from the Soaring Sky Plains/Moulan Plains he finds out that Senior Martial Brother Ma was unable to form his golden core and passed away during meditation, although his disciple Xiao Cui had married as well as successfully formed her golden core and is now a Core Formation rank elder within the Yellow Maple Valley.

Donghua S2E2


A short, skinny old man, around fifty years old. He had a withered and yellow small mustache and a pair of cloudy, small eyes that were rolling around. At first glance, he truly looked like a big rat that had successfully become human.