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Man Huzi was a fearsome cultivator presiding in the Scattered Star Seas where was known as one of the very few "Old Devils" of the Devil Dao. His strength was known by all in the Scattered Star Seas. His peers of the Devil Dao were wary of him equally as much as those walking the path of the Righteous Dao. He lived on Devil Lake Island and had 3 disciples.[1]


Man Huzi was approaching the end of his lifespan as a Nascent Soul cultivator who was unable to break through to the next stage. He was looking for ways to prolong his life through "Life Lengthening Pills" that are created from "Life Prolonging Fruit" found in the Heavenvoid Hall's so that he can continue cultivating.[2]

At some point Man Huzi entered an agreement with the Bone Sage to conspire against Zenith Yin, after the Sage was freed from his captivity by Han Li.


Man Huzi was exceptionally tall and had a yellow curly beard.[3]


Heavenvoid Hall[]

Man Huzi intended to only obtain the Life Prolonging Fruit in the Heavenvoid Halls.[3] However, he had acquired information that the Righteous Dao and Zenith Yin had been planning to enter the Inner Halls to obtain the famous Heavenvoid Cauldron magical treasure. His suspicions were confirmed at the entrance of the 2nd trials to enter the Inner Halls, when Qing Yi solicited Man Huzi's assistance in dealing with Wan Tianming.[4]

In order to improve the chances that Han Li would successfully complete the 2nd trials to enter the Inner Halls, Man Huzi gifted a Glacial Ice Pearl that counter-acted the intense heat in the the "Path of Fire" within the 2nd trials.[5] Man Huzi completed the "Path of Ice" within the 2nd trial to enter the Inner Halls. During the trials he discovered that the two Elders sent by the Star Palace sabotaged the trials making them more difficult in the hopes of killing off Devil Dao and Righteous Dao cultivators. He was relieved when Han Li completed the path of fire trial despite the traps laid by the Star Palace elders.[6]

Upon entering the Inner Halls, Man Huzi demonstrated the might of his Heavenbearing Devil Arts by effortlessly demolishing ancient puppets that guarded the treasures in the Inner Halls.[7] During the extraction of the Heavenvoid Cauldron he used the Beserking technique on a Bloodjade Spider providing the spider with a temporary boost of strength to lift the seemingly heavy cauldron. When the Righteous Dao cultivators attacked, Man Huzi fended them off using using his Heavenbearing Devil Arts.[8]

After an all-out brawl broke out for the Heavenmind Pill that emerged from the Heavenvoid Cauldron, he surprised both Devil Dao and Righteous Dao cultivators with his use of Lightning Absorption to nullify a fatal blow by Wan Tianming's Heavenshifting Mines.[9] After acquiring the Heavenmind Pill he led a chase around the Inner Halls until a truce was reached when both Devil Dao and Righteous Dao cultivators realized the Cauldron, Han Li, and the Bone Sage were all missing. Man Huzi knew that the Bone Sage was capable of both stealing the Cauldron and killing the competition. However, instead of shining a light onto the dubious relationship he forged with the Bone Sage, he opted to share thoughts that would spark an all out war to begin in the Scattered Star Seas.[10]

Do you think it could be that the Star Palace elders still haven’t left and had actually remained hidden nearby? When they saw us run out, they could’ve taken the chance to slay the three Core Formation cultivators and acquire the Heavenvoid Cauldron.
— Man Huzi

Revisiting Scattered Star Seas[]

When Man Huzi was at the end of his lifespan, Archsaint Six Paths visited him and asked to give his body to him after Man Huzi died so he could cultivate his devilish arts with it. With refusal Man Huzi was severely wounded by Six Apex Devils Art, but managed to escape. On the way, he run into Zenith Yin. After battling for three days and three nights, Man Huzi lost his body and his Nascent Soul ended up in Zenith Yin's hands. Zenith Yin used a cruel secret technique to completely overexert Man Huzi's Nascent Soul's latent potential to make it survive. He was torturing him for about 100 years for knowledge and his collection. As a price for extending his lifespan, Man Huzi's soul wouldn't be able to reincarnate.[11]

Man Huzi's Nascent Soul was tortured by Zenith Yin.[12] After Han Li froze Zenith Yin in a block of blue ice and was about to end his life, Man Huzi's Nascent Soul spoken that he wanted to do it instead.[13] Youngster Han thought about taking revenge on Man Huzi too, but he didn't because older cultivator gave him Royal Scale Plate, which saved his life once. Man Huzi told him what happened to him. He wanted to devour other Nascent Soul to have a chance for reincarnation. Han Li let him do that for a copy of the Heavenbearing Devil Arts.[11] After consuming Zenith Yin's Nascent Soul, Man Huzi's Nascent Soul passed away into afterlife.[14]


Man Huzi was at mid Nascent Soul stage.

He cultivated Heavenbearing Devil Arts, which are to be the greatest defensive devilish art in the Scattered Star Seas.[3] He could make his body grew thirteen meters in size.[15] This arts also makes user immune to soul search techniques. With it, a spiritual sense is guarded within a soul, making it very difficult to forcibly extract.[11] Man Huzi leant Heavenbearing Devil Arts from his Master.[14]


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