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Han Li ...
Narrator Takes out
Han Li Such powerful lightning!
This is genuine Heavenly Lightning Bamboo! Please accept it!
Han Li Information on heavenly lightning bamboo is hard to find, since it's been extinct for so long. As it happens, there are records saying this bamboo comes in various grades. Fortunately, its age is the only factor regarding its age. If it's 2000 years old or younger, it's White Lightning Bamboo that can only unleash white lightning. Those above 5000 years are Blue Lightning Bamboo. When they reach the 10 000 year mark. Their lightning becomes golden. Such lightning has unimaginable power... Notably, it has the miraculous ability to counter all sorts of Demonic Arts. They even call it "Evil-Warding Lightning." Once, a small piece of Golden Lightning Bamboo appeared within the Sea of Scattered Stars... A bloody battle was fought over it for more than ten years... Logically speaking, as long as I nurture it with the little green bottle... I should be able to grow a 10 000 year old Golden Lightning Bamboo. But this is my first time growing a 10 000 year old spiritual plant. Whether it succeeds or not, I have to try my best shot!!
Three years later - A rural area for mortals in Heaven's Star City.
Unnamed strangers Hey, look! It's a new shop! I remember this place used to be called "Li's Sundry Shop." It's now the Green Bamboo Pavilion! Come on, let's take a look inside! Excuse me, sir. I'm here to look at your items... Hmm?! Pfft! Hahahaha!!! You call this a magical tool?! Hahaha! Where the hell do you get your products?! I've never seen one as ugly as this!
Novice blacksmith - Han Doe. After obtaining the White Lightning Bamboo three years ago... I focused everything on nurturing it with the Little Green Bottle. Finally, after two years... I got 10 000 year old Golden Lightning Bamboo!
Han Li I did it! The White Lightning Bamboo I got just for having a bit of reputation became Golden Lightning Bamboo! This is probably the best deal I've gotten since I joined the world of cultivators!
After that. I kept using the liquid from the green bottle to nurture it, but the Golden Bamboo didn't seem to change. Then, after a few months, it finally grew a little budling... The newly grown bamboo was exactly the same age as its main branch!! In other words, the liquid from the green bottle could grow more Golden Lightning Bamboo!
Han Li As it is, my biggest issue with this since the beginning, which was not having sufficient Heavenly Lightning Bamboo, is completely resolved! Since that's the case, I can give it my all on the first try! I've decided to make 72 Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords, a complete set! Even if I won't be able to command them all at my current cultivation base... I can get the job done first and cultivate them one by one! Next, besides spending a massive number of spiritual stones to buy the necessary materials... My biggest obstacle right now is that I'm really bad at forging. In fact, the Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword on its own is incomplete. It still needs to be refined with an array. Naturally, I'm going to have to work hard to peruse all the information Xin Ruyin and her husband left for me. In addition, to cultivate the fourth level of the Great Development Technique, I need to hone my mind. Otherwise, I'll be struck by a backlash from my heart demons when I cultivate. Thus, I've prepared a plan that will help me with both the blacksmithing and learning about arrays... I'll practice producing talismans... While following my twenty-year schedule for cultivating the Golden Lightning Bamboo and the Element-Devouring Insect.

And this strict cultivation regime will synergize with my plan to hone my mind, opening up this little shop helped my plan in many ways. I can study and sell my basic magical tools and talismans at the same time...

Han Li Everything's progressing quite smoothly... The only problem right now is the magical tools I make aren't that popular... It's strange though. I actually think I'm... quite a talented craftsman!
Twenty years passed in the blink of an eye...
Unnamed strangers Have you heard? The Green Bamboo Pavilion has a new owner! What?! Oh no! I was just planning on going there to get some magical tools! It's become a habit of mine to head there and buy their treasures every once in a while! I wonder if they'll still have as many quality products for sale as they used to! Exactly! Sigh... I thought his items were ugly at first, but the upside was how cheap they were. But later I realized that they were surprisingly useful! That's right! I was even able to buy a mid-tier talisman from them! Gradually, it became this street's little shop of treasures. Such a pity! Why would a shop that's doing so well sell this business to someone else…?
Three days earlier - Han Li's residence. The records say that the owner of the Heavenly Lightning Bamboo must use the fire of a Core Formation cultivator's neidan to cultivate it. In the beginning, a large amount of neidan fire is needed to suppress the golden lightning. It must be strenuously cultivated for three days, draining all its lightning, before it can be cultivated. After ten days, it can be quenched of all its impurities and its spiritual liquid is obtained. This will allow the owner to produce a wood-element magical tool.
Han Li This is a critical moment for producing the Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword... I've already rehearsed this and the deployment of the array countless times, so I can now do it flawlessly!
Green Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword... Blade completed