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Transcript is taken from the official BiliBili Comics page, unless stated otherwise.
Character English Chinese
Here he comes again... looks like he's in a pleasant mood.
Is that the heaven's torr technique? It looks really powerful!
Hmph! That's nothing more than a turtle shell!
If you cultivate the Extreme Yin Supreme Technique properly, it would be equal to that technique.
Han Li He's losing his shine by talking too much...
Wu Chou Why are you gloating?! I'm his favorite disciple, you hear me?! Damn it! I hate the very sight of him!
You seem quite pleased, brother Man. Looks like it's been very rewarding for you!
Man Aside from the longevity fruit, I also killed a frost toad, so I did get quite a lot! Hahahaha!
Qing Congradulations then, daoist Man. The frost toad's neidan will be greatly beneficial for your heaven's torr technique…
Man Hmm? Hmph!!!
Han Li Great Development Technique, activate!!!
Han Li Fuh…
Man Even after I intimidated the brat, he recovered his footing!
Zenith Yin Brother Man! Why are you bullying my disciple?!
Man Your disciple? Are you joking? When did you get another disciple aside from Wu Chou?
Qing Hehe, you've misunderstood, brother Man. Han Li here has just accepted daoist Wu as his master!
Man Extreme Yin, did you really accept a disciple here? Have my ears failed me?
Zenith Yin Brother Qing's right, so please show him mercy, brother Man.
Well done! He's already his disciple!
Man Oh? Hahahahahaha!!! That's quite a good disciple you've got there... At the very least, his spiritual consciousness is many times stronger than that idiot rascal of yours! If you focus on nurturing him, I'm sure he'll be able to…
Idiot rascal
Man How about you let me have him instead? I have a feeling that he's much more suited to cultivating my Heaven's Torr technique!
Did you guys hear that?! He's going to teach him the Heaven's Torr technique! We weren't eavesdropping... But they're just completely ignoring us!
Qing Hoho, you sure do know how to crack a joke, brother Man. Young Han has only just joined the Extreme Yin sect, so how could he be given away so casually?
Man Daoist Qing, I'm negotiating with Extreme Yin's disciple right now... So why are you getting all worked up? Could it be that this boy has something unspeakable on you two?
Han Li These old demons are so sly and cunning. They've got all their own motives... it's just so difficult to trick them!
Sound transmission-
Man Hmm?! What?! So he has the... Hmph! You've got an excellent plan there, Extreme Yin!
Zenith Yin Why are you so angry, brother Man? Since we've already told you about the issue, I've shown I don't intend to steal all the glory. Plus, we need your help to obtain this treasure.
Man I suppose you're right. Without my help, I'm sure Wan Tianming won't give you the necessary opening.
Profound Crystal Path, Lava Road
Man Hmph! We can go in now.
Zenith Yin Han Li, we'll all be sent to different locations upon entering. I may not be able to bring you with me... However, I can give you two treasures for your protection.
Wu Chou Wasn't that for me?
Han Li I'll go through the lava road... I happen to have a cloak that's resistant to fire, so it might come in handy.
Zenith Yin Alright, take this with you. At your current cultivation base, getting through the next stage should be simple if you have this.
Man Tsk, tsk, tsk! Never expected a stingy man like you to be so generous. Isn't that the ivory rhino jade you held so dear?
Zenith Yin I seem to recall you having a cold pearl as well, brother Man... Why don't you lend it to my disciple as well? You wouldn't want him to run into some sort of accident before he even enters the inner hall, would you?
Man Huh?! Hmph! Of course! I won't allow him to die before we obtain the false sky cauldron. You're one lucky brat, boy.
Han Li Whoa…
Man Make sure you can take care of yourself and stay alive!
Zenith Yin We're not going to let you die. Good luck!
Who in the world is that guy???
Han Li Seriously... Sigh...
Bootlicker! Shameless b*stard...