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Masked Moon Sect (掩月宗) is the most powerful sect amongst the Seven Sects of the State of Yue.

War against the 6 Devil Dao Sects[]

After defeat to the Six Devil Dao Sects, remains of the Six Sects of the State of Yue took refuge with the Nine Nations Union. They settled down in the country with the least other sects, the State of Beiliang. They had to contend with the local sects for scarce resources. They also were forced to battle Moulan Tribe's Spell Soldiers.[2] [3]

Masked Moon Sect made the Gemcut Mountains their base. The Yuan Clan, a mid-sized clan native to the State of Beiliang, had welcomed the six sects when they had just entered the country. They had expended much effort on behalf of the Masked Moon Sect in particular. As a reward for the Yuan Clan's actions, the Masked Moon Sect would recruit Yuan Clan disciples for generations to come.[3]


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