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Master Sunreach was a late Nascent Soul stage Grand Elder of the Great Truth Sect and the Leader of Righteous Dao Alliance. He usually carried a sword.[1]


Master Sunreach fought Eccentric Heavenvenge once. The latter managed to inflict heavy injuries onto him in order to escape.[2]

Moulan invasion[]

Master Sunreach presided the meeting with mid Nascent Soul cultivators together with Wei Wuya and Devil Concord.[1] They briefed them about a challenge from Moulan. Both Master Sunreach and Devil Concord had highly valued Long Han. Whenever a matter related to the Heavenly Dao Alliance came up, they had always asked for his opinion. Master Sunreach and Wei Wuya convinced Han Li to participate by offering Auric Essence.[3] Master Sunreach received the shell of a grade 8 demon tortoise in return.[4]

As the final battle between forces of Heavenly South and Moulan Tribes was nearing, Sunreach, Devil Concord, Wei Wuya, Long Han and Feng Bing met to discuss last details, like about involvement of Devil Dao cultivators from Jin Empire. Eccentric Heavenvenge appeared and agreed to their plan.[5] When 10 participants of wagered battles were trapped by the Bloodcatching Barrier, Wei Wuya and Master Sunreach fought 2 Divine Sages and Devil Concord fought Sect Master Fang.[6] After some time, during the ongoing battle, Divine Sage Zhu received news about the attack of Soaring Tribes. Both sides stopped fighting and later agreed to unite against the common enemy.[7]


After an Elder Devil Bloodflame escaped from Devilfall Valley, it slaughtered a few cultivation clans and sects that possessed devilish artifacts and devoured Nascent Souls transforming into a being with three heads and six arms and obtaining power comparable to an early Deity Transformation cultivator. Then Bloodflame destroyed the core of the grand formation in the Myriad Depth Devilish Abyss of Endless Sea, which was sealing devilish Qi. Later, they managed to trap the Elder Devil in a grand formation. Many powerful cultivators, like Master Sunreach, fought it. Although it received grievous injuries, Bloodflame fled into the Jin Empire's direction.[8] [9]

As the sealing formation was damaged, a giant whirlpool came about and seven small islands have emerged around it. Along with Devil Concord and Wei Wuya, Master Sunreach resided there and studied the whirlpool. About three decades later, when Master Sunreach was passing next to Dreamcloud Mountains, he heard about Han Li's return. During the visit, he leant that the original soul of the Elder Devil was exterminated inside the spatial pocket and he invited Han Li to the Seven Spirit Islands on a meeting about the whirlpool, because of his Divine Devilbane Lightning.[9] When Sunreach noticed Han Li reached mid Nascent Soul stage, he wasn't worried, because Han Li was a cultivator who wholeheartedly pursued the Heavenly Dao and that he didn't reveal any power-hungry tendencies, since he didn't seize the control over the State of Xi.[10] After 3 months, Han Li visited them and they explained him what the Elder Devil Bloodflame has done, how the sealing formation, which was supressing devilish Qi, was loosing its spiritual Qi bit by bit and the release of devilish Qi could taint at least half of the Heavenly South Continent making it uninhabitable for human cultivators.[11] Han Li agreed to go down the whirlpool to restore the formation.[12] After he returned to the surface, the three cultivators were relieved. The formation was to be fixed.[13]

Emergence of the Fourth Great Cultivator[]

About 100 years later, the Drifting Cloud Sect held a grand ceremony to celebrate the emergence of another late Nascent Soul stage cultivator within the Heavenly South.[14] Afterwards, Master Sunreach, who didn't attend, visited his friend Wei Wuya. He learnt that both old cultivator and Devil Concord were easily defeated. Wei Wuya adviced him to avoid Han Li and go into seclusion to try reaching the Deity Transformation stage, untill he still had lifespan. Despite that, Master Sunreach still wanted to witness Han Li's power. His visit to the Drifting Cloud Sect was short. Afterwards, he returned to the Great Truth Sect and entered a seclusion. Han Li gained a reputation as the number one cultivator in the Heavenly South Region.[15]

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