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Minor Expanse Island (小寰岛Xiǎo huán dǎo) is a small island that is 35km long with grade 3 Spiritual Veins, and a small protection formation.[1] The island has a small village, where a few hundred people currently live.[?] It's located in the southwestern waters of the Inner Star Seas.[2]


Han Li selects this cultivation spot from all others in the Stalwart Star Island, even over the Azurecloud Mountains which have higher grade spiritual veins, because he could hide his green bottle and grow spiritual medicines with less difficulty of being discovered. Han Li also finds out that although the local villagers were supposed to help supply spirit stones for the daily consumption of the small protection formation, that they did not contribute much and he had to personally supply the spirit stones himself.[3]

There are a few old cultivator caves that exist from previous inhabitants. When Han Li first arrived, he carved a tunnel between the bases of two mountains, connecting an old cave with his new immortal cave in the same fashion as his old one in the Tai Yue mountain range situated in the Heavenly South Region. He uses the old cave as a cover for his new cave, where he grew spiritual medicines with his green bottle. He also set up his Five Elements Reversal Formation and other protective formations, shrouding the mountains in a thick white fog that initially worried the local villagers.[4]

In the donghua, records say they disappeared in Tiannan, however Han Li discovered a dormant swarm on the Minor Expanse Island, and may be the reason for the island's thin spiritual aura.[2]

Notable residents[]

Han Li


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