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Mo Caihuan was one of daughters of Mo Juren and Lady Yan.


A dainty girl around fifteen to sixteen years old.


Mo Caihuan liked to scheme. She often acted cute and coquettishly.[1]


Book 2[]

Han Li arrived at the Mo Estate to offer his help as disciple of Mo Juren and for the Precious Warm Yang Jade.[2] Mo Caihuan tried to scheme against him. He gifted her the Winding Fragrance Pill.[3] Afterwards, Han Li explained details of Mo Juren's demise.[4] After learning he was a cultivator, Mo Family made a deal with him to use his strength. Han Li was to kill Ouyang Feitian of Hegemon's Villa in exchange for the Precious Warm Yang Jade to cure his poison.[5]

Book 3[]

After Han Li killed Ouyang Feitian of Hegemon's Villa, Fearsome Flood Dragon Association made a move to seize their belongings and grow in power. But Rainbow Sect did the same. Later, both organizations came into conflict. As it turned out Rainbow Sect was stronger than they appeared, Fearsome Flood Dragon Association was defeated. It's leaders, Mo Family was forced to run away.

Lady Yan and Mo Caihuan managed to get help from Yan Zhu, a Qi Condensation member of Yan Clan. After a year, Lady Yan decided to marry this cultivator to repay him for saving them. Mo Caihuan pretended to be a widow with cursed husband to discourage other people. They lived peacefully 2 years in Yan Ling Castle. One day, Yan Zhu died while carrying out a mission for the clan. Afterwards, mother and daughter started a small shop. The income allowed Lady Yan to keep the illness repressed. When one of the cultivators, who wanted to marry Mo Caihuan was rejected by her, he caused their small store to be on the verge of collapse with his schemes.

One day, Mo Caihuan met Han Li, who was visiting Yan Ling Castle, and asked him for help. He cured Lady Yan and discouraged cultivator from further schemes.[6]


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