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Mo Juren was the founder of the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association.[2]


Mo Juren was famous in his early years within the whole Lan Province with a prestigious name Ghost Hand. One day he was poisoned though. He was forced to leave. He travelled to other parts of the State of Yue to look for a cure.[3] At some point, he met an injured cultivator, named Yu Zhitong. They fought for the herb. On the verge of death, Yu Zhitong made his soul enter Mo Juren's body.[4] Under Mortality Decimation Curse's side effects, Mo was aging very fast. Yu Zhitong revealed him a plan for both of them to possess people with spiritual energy.[5] After an unsuccessful search, Mo met the Sect Leader of the Seven Mysteries Sect, who was also being plotted against. As similar individual suffering from similar circumstances, he saved his life. By invitation, he joined the Seven Mysteries Sect.

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