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The puppet crafted by Han Li and created by Monarch Soul Divergence. It possesses the cultivation of Late Nascent Soul stage. His magic treasure is a the Thunderfire Bow and he uses the arrows of Golden Lightning Bamboo that came from the Bone Sage.[1]

Full use of its abilities for repeated attacks could only be sustained with high-grade spirit stones for a puppet as grand as this.[2]


The puppet looked like a middle-aged cultivator with am impeccably smooth skin. He wore yellow robes, had a blank expression. Its appearance of a lifelike person was thanks to the Flexile Spirit Jade. The jade had turned the grey stone into the color of flesh and was fused with Tailstar Silver to become the puppet's outer shell. Because Flexile Spirit Jade could change shape, one could place a thread of spiritual sense inside and control the puppet to speak and change appearance.[2] The puppet also had witch eyes refined from the Brilliant Glow Gem to entrap others in a bewitchment technique.[3]




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