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Also known as the Mortal World or Human World, it is one of several Mortal Worlds in the Lower Realm.

Current Situation[]

In the Mortal Realm, Late and Peak Nascent Soul cultivators are allowed to reign supreme and are considered "Great Cultivators" in any region. The damaged World Origin Energy restricts Deity Transformation cultivators from using their vast abilities to overpower these "Great Cultivators". Deity Transformation cultivators would suffer backlash attempting to replenish World Origin Energy expended in combat. As a result, Deity Transformation cultivators prefer to recluse themselves from the dealings of the Mortal Realm. They would normally stand as peak power-houses in other Worlds within the Lower Realms.

There have only been a few cultivators capable of reaching Deity Transformation stage in the last 2,000 years. Most of them have ascended to the Spirit Realm,[1] leaving only 5 Deity Transformation cultivators in the Great Jin - Xiang Zhili, Eccentric Feng, Hu Qinglei, Old Ghost Bai and Old Demon Che.[2] Since Deity Transformation cultivators are very powerful, they have rules among each other. Engaging in conflicts between other beings of the same power level strictly prohibited and Deity Transformation cultivators are also not allowed to take part in any matters in the cultivation world.[3]


World View
Far West Region Great Jin Region Scattered

Star Seas Region

Endless Sky Plains
Heavenly South Region


War against the Elder Devil Realm[]

During times of antiquity, there was once a path between the Elder Devil Realm and Mortal Realm. The Elder Devils from the Elder Devil Realm invaded using these spatial tears.[4] The ancient cultivators battled against Elder Devils for countless years, to stop them from wreaking havoc. After assistance from the Spirit Realm,[5] the cultivators were able to kill them one by one by using numbers to their advantage.


  • The injuries and casualties in the war were said to be innumerable, leading to the extinction of many ancient techniques and spirit beasts. It had much to do with the decline of ancient cultivators.[6]
  • Discovery of the existence of the Elder Devil Realm led cultivators to follow Devil Dao. They established techniques that were similar to the abilities of Elder Devils.[6]
  • The presence of Devils and the temporary connection with the realm resulted in devilish Qi entering the Mortal World. This infusion damaged the World Origin Energy of the Mortal World resulting in a lower density of Spiritual Energy[7] in comparison to other Mortal Worlds. The Spiritual Energy is considered sparse for cultivators from higher realms. Three Kunwu Masters sealed a majority of the devilish Qi in areas with the most abundant spiritual Qi, like Kunwu Mountain or Endless Sea. They used the pressure of these sites to suppress the corruptible Qi.[8]
    • As a result of the sparse Spiritual Energy and damaged World Origin Energy, there are few cultivators that are able to reach the Late-Deity Transformation stage to ascend to the Spirit Realm without using reverse spirit streams (spatial nodes).[9] There are Deity Transformation stage cultivators wandering the Mortal World searching for these streams (nodes). Furthermore, sparse Spiritual Energy is the reason for scarce cultivation

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