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The Moulan Race were completely different from the Yan people of the States of Yuanwu and Yue. Their people were completely nomadic, possessing a culture of fearlessness and a love for brandishing their sabers and spears. The Moulan Race were made up of countless tribes of various sizes, where small tribes would consist of several hundred thousand people and the large tribes would number several tens of millions.[1]


Cultivators also existed within these tribes, but they were called “Spell Warriors” instead of cultivators. It is said that they are indistinguishable from common cultivators, and the divisions of cultivation as well as the cultivation techniques are extremely similar. The only thing that differed were that the Spell Warriors of Core Formation rank and higher didn’t care much about external items such as magic tools and talismans. Instead, they were focused on mastering their elemental Daoist magics to perfection. They even had secret earthborn techniques where they merged with the prairie. Their research had produced a variety of extremely strange and formidable magic techniques, and in turn created a new school of magic techniques that distinguished the Moulan, which they called “Spirit Techniques”.

By relying on these incisive “Spirit Techniques”, the Moulan Race's spell warriors were able to contend and even gain the upper hand against cultivators of equivalent rank.[1]


Moulan and Soaring Tribes had several tens of thousands of years of mutual hatred. [2]

As the Moulan Race's spell warriors grew increasingly numerous, their need for spirit vein locations and spirit stones intensified to the point of significantly worsening the depletion of cultivation resources. This shortage was further exacerbated by the extreme lack of natural cultivation resources in the Moulan Prairie.

As a result, the Moulan Race's spell warriors had their gazes set upon the abundant Spiritual Qi and resources of the nine countries for as long as anybody could remember. They had often launched attacks against these countries in order to seize their spirit veins, spirit stone mines, and other such resources vital to cultivators.[1]


They are located in the Moulan Prairies and their Moulan Tribes are a close neighbour of the Nine Nations Union. It's in the south of the State of Yue.[1]

The Moulan Plains may be truly impoverished, but what they lack in common resources such as spirit stone mines, they are compensated by the rare materials located there.[3]


On one side of the Moulan Plains, Moulan Tribes warred with the Soaring Tribes and on the other with the Nine Nations Union.[1] The Union created a joint pact against the Moulan with Six Devil Dao Sects, Righteous Dao Alliance and Heavenly Dao Alliance. With their reinforcements, there was a peace for 100 years.[4]

After suffering a decisive defeat by the Soaring Tribes' Immortals, Moulan tribes lost more territory in the plains.[5] They reached an agreement with the Yin Sifting Sect from Jin Empire.[6] They decided to invade the Heavenly South Continent and started another war with Nine Nations Union.[5]

3 Divine Sages led the army towards the Soaring Heavens City. Wei Wuya, the great cultivator of the Nine Nations Union, was able to hold back the city with its grand formation for a month. However, the combined might of 3 Divine Sages, a few cultivators from Yin Sifting Sect, and 8 giant beasts broke the formation and the city have fallen. More and more Moulan tribes sent their elite on the front, except the Golden Sun Tribe, who were occupied with monitoring the movements of the Soaring Tribes in the Moulan Plains.[7]

The final battle involved hundreds of thousands of cultivators. Long Han served as the commander of the Heavenly South Army and Divine Sage Zhu commanded the army of spell warrior.[8] Even their Sacred Bird was summoned.[9] Before the culmination, received news about the attack of Soaring Tribes, which easily destroyed the Golden Sun Tribe. Both sides stopped fighting. With peace talks against the common enemy, Moulan got 2 countries near the border, and the Nine Nations Union was compensated with other territories.[2]

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