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The Mysterious Crystal, also known as the Flower Heart Stone, is a top-notch material used to refine baneful auras and break through to the Fiendish Degeneration stage. It is also a kind of supreme-grade spirit stone, the main ingredient used to refine many Grand Unity medicinal pills.

It is a plant that grows on its own and would usually only bloom after tens of thousands of years. When the flower bud blooms, a small piece of crystal would be produced at the center of the flower, which is the Mysterious Crystal.

The flower wouldn't wither unless it was disturbed by external forces, and the crystal would continue to grow. The older it is, the richer the spiritual power and medicinal power it contains. However, the crystal would fall off if there were to be even the slightest interference from external forces. The petals would wither, the plants would wither, and the roots would turn to dust. Due to the fact that most of the areas it grew up in were uninhabited, there was very little stock in the city, making it practically priceless.


It was a green crystal about the size of a fist. The crystal emitted a green glow and looked rather inconspicuous. One could vaguely see flower-like patterns etched deep into the crystal, making it look natural. A strange fragrance was emitted from the green crystal. Everyone present smelled the fragrance and felt as if their organs had been cleansed for a bit, making them feel comfortable all over.