Appearance Edit

The bottle was only the size of a fist, and a single hand could wrap around its neck[1]. Cleaning its surface of mud, the bottle appeared to be made of a material that was neither glass, metal or porcelain[1]. The bottle emanated a shiny green glow, and there were intricate black green leaf patterns engraved on its surface. At the head of the bottle, there was a bottle cap that tightly sealed the mouth of the bottle[2].

History Edit

Han Li stumbled upon the bottle after 6 months of tutelage under Doctor Mo in the Seven Mysteries Sect. Whilst going to visit Zhang Tie, Han Li would carelessly kick piles of leaves off the valley path. In the midst of thought, Han Li would feel immense pain in his right foot from unknowingly kicking the bottle[2]. Piquing his curiosity, his bruteforce attempts of opening the bottle would be in vain[1]. After realizing its unusual properties, Han Li kept knowledge of his newfound treasure to himself while studying its abilities[3]. His initial discovery was when the bottle collected specks of white light in his room, and gathered even more when taken outside. With enough of these specks being collected, the cap could easily be opened to reveal a jade green liquid[4].

Abilities Edit

  • Normal beasts are unable to survive digestion of the bottle's jade green liquid, immediately having their bodies rapidly expand before exploding[5]. Grade 8 and 9 demon beasts can survive it, but their abdomens show protrusions[6].
  • The jade green liquid can be used to speed up the maturation of any plants no matter the circumstance. Additionally, the consumption of the plants wouldn't give the fatal effects of directly drinking the jade green liquid[7].

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