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Nangong Bing also known as Fairy Nangong, is a fake identity Nangong Wan used to trick Han Li at the end of the Six Devil Dao Sect War arc by identifying as Nangong Wan's younger cousin because she did not want to let him know that she came to look for him despite the danger to help him to become a Core Formation and marry him.


She had a slender body and was wearing a cloak. Although her extremely beautiful appearance was quite similar to Nangong Wan, her delicate oval face along with her delicate eyebrows were completely unfamiliar to Han Li.


Nangong Bing first met Han Li as she was escaping from a group of Foundation Establishment cultivators from the Ghost Spirit Sect that took advantage of her weakened state, having previously fought and killed a Core Formation from the Ghost Spirit Sect. Her pursuers intended to kill, extract, and refine her soul. In her attempt to flee she sensed the presence of a cultivator and hoped to entangle the unknown cultivator - that happened to be Han Li - into a fight with her pursuers.

In a moment of desperation, Nangong Bing expended her remaining magic energy to kill her pursuers - that included Wang Chan, and Dong Xuan, who had joined the Ghost Spirit Sect. Nangong Bing collapsed from exhaustion after failing to kill her pursuers. Luckily, Han Li had mistaken her for her cousin Nangong Wan and saved her fleeing with Nangong Bing's unconscious body in his hands.

She was taken to a secluded cave where she forcefully absorbed Han Li's spiritual power against his will using her True Art of Reincarnation. This resulted in Han Li's cultivation receding from the Foundation Establishment stage back to Qi Refinement. Once Nangong Bing absorbed enough spiritual energy she awoke and became flustered at the thought of Han Li presiding over her while she was unconscious. She delivered a verbal lashing to Han Li after recognizing him as the individual who had intimate relations with her cousin.

Having felt guilt at stealing Han Li's cultivation, and out of concern for her cousin's feelings, Nangong Bing gave Han Li a choice of two rewards. The first reward was a tidy sum of Spirit Stones. The second reward was to take Han Li back as a disciple of the Masked Moon Sect where she would personally help him restore his cultivation and find him a Dao Companion to further his cultivation. Nangong Bing was upset when Han Li had chosen the former reward.


True Art of Reincarnation[]

A divine ability that can be "enabled" at-will. When enabled, the ability is activated whenever any individuals use spiritual power to probe her physical body. A Cultivators spiritual power is linked to their essence. When another individual's spiritual power enters the body, this art can use the link to forcefully consume the essence of the other individual absorbing the other individual's Cultivation.

This divine art is considered suicidal. If the essence of another is not consumed while the ability is active, the user's own essence would destroy itself causing death to the user.

Sword Light Mist[]

A white mist of tiny swords made of light, is created that rapidly flys towards a target. When used, an earth shattering boom can be heard. The attack is sustained by the magical power of the user. If the user runs out of magical power, the technique fades. The sword mist is lethal to Foundation Establishment cultivators who must dodge rather than defend.