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Nangong Wan (南宫婉nángōng wǎn), formerly 甘如霜gānrúshuāng, is Han Li's Dao Companion. She was an Elder of the Masked Moon Sect from the State of Yue within the Heavenly South.

First Meeting[]

TThe Masked Moon Sect along with the other members of the Seven Sect Alliance had their Qi Condensation disciples compete against each other in a survival tournament called the Trial by Blood and Fire. The cultivation resources and spiritual herbs collected by the disciples were taken by their sects. To collect the most resources, the Masked Moon Sect disguised Nangong Wan as a Qi Condensation cultivator by forcefully suppressing her Core Formation cultivation. As a Qi Condensation cultivator she led a large group of disciples through the trial.[1]

During the trial, she led her disciples to fight a Grade-1 Black Scaly Python in a cave. However, the situation spiraled out of control when she discovered that the Demon Beast was actually a Grade-2 Inky Flood Dragon. Unfortunately, her Qi Condensation cultivation was too shallow and she was overpowered.[2] She ordered her disciples to retreat. However, one of her disciples ended up accidentally sealing her inside the cave in a misguided attempt to stall the beast by destroying the entrance.[3] She lost hope after using various magical talismans against the Flood Dragon which had no effect.

Nangong Wan was rejoiced when Han Li had come and saved her in her moment of despair. The two banded together and managed to defeat the flood dragon.[4] After slaying the flood dragon, she took the beasts primordial spirit and offered him the remains as materials. After Han Li extracted a red orb from the remains, she became curiously excited that the Flood Dragon seemingly formed a Demon Core. Unfortunately the orb was the prostate capsule of the Flood Dragon, and it immediately erupted into a fog containing a powerful aphrodisiac when she touched it. Under the effects of the aphrodisiac, she lost her virginity to Han Li.[5]

After several bouts of intercourse, Nangong Wan resented losing her virginity and 5-6 years of magical power. However, the two needed to escape the Trial by Blood and Fire, otherwise they would be imprisoned within the tournament grounds. She teamed up with Han Li to break through the sealed cave. When she left the tournament grounds, the other members of the Masked Moon Sect were greatly relieved.

War with the Six Devil Dao Sects[]

Years later, war broke out between the Seven Sect Alliance (that included the Masked Moon Sect) and the Six Devil Dao Sects[6]. As a Core Formation elder of the Masked Moon Sect, Nangong Wan participated in many battles with Core Formation elders of the Six Devil Dao Sects. She regularly met with elders from the Seven Sect Alliance such as Han Li's master Li Huayuan from the Yellow Maple Valley.[7] At one of these meetings, she was startled to see Han Li briefly stopping to observe him. Unfortunately, this caught the attention of her peers who remained skeptical when she dismissed her surprise as a coincidence.[8]

After betrayal of Spirit Beast Mountain, the Six Devil Dao Sects had great victory.[9] Wang Chan and Young Master Tian from Harmonious Bond Sect pursued injured Nangong Wan.[10] As Fairy Nangong grew weaker, Han Li appeared suddenly and saved her. Then she used him to recover by absorbing his spiritual power. Nangong Wan also pretended to be Nangong Bing, a cousin.[11]


Nangong Wan, being at Nascent Soul stage for a 100 years, was to marry Flowing Mind Sect's Elder Wei Lichen, as a deal between Masked Moon Sect and Wei Wuya.[12]

When Han Li accidentaly met Lei Wanhe and other cultivators from the Six Sects of the State of Yue, he learnt about Nangong Wan. He immediately went to infiltrate her sect with plans to steal her away.[13] Once they met, Nangong Wan told him what happened and how she learnt about Yellow Maple Valley's evacuation during the war, she went back to rescue him, but she never found him.[14] Nangong Wan also explained him that Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect put on a restriction on her forcing her to marriage.[12] Then, they ambushed mid Nascent Soul Grand Elder.[15] Despite her using even Blood Devil Sword, she was defeated with Silvermoon's help. Nangong Wan didn't want to kill her, because then the Masked Moon Sect would suffer.[16] After they dissolved the restriction, they left.[17]

Later, the Masked Moon Sect suddenly spread information that Fairy Nangong had suffered an inner demon backlash during cultivation and had lost her life, and that her engagement to the Wei Lichen was dissolved.[18]

Soul Seal Curse[]

WWhen Nangong Wan appeared in the Drifting Cloud Sect, Elder Cheng Tiankun promptly arranged for her to be protected and secluded. His actions, successfully deepened the relationship between Han Li and the sect.[18]

One day, Yin Sifting Sect Elder attacked Nangong Wan and put the Soul Seal Curse on her. Elder Cheng intervened, but the black-robed cultivator escaped. She used the Greater Incarnation Arts sealing herself in an ice. As a result, it slowed down the effects of the curse. A demand was left, that Han Li was to bring him the treasure refined from Golden Lightning Bamboo.[19] After Han Li killed the Yin Sifting Sect Elder, he found out methods to dispell the Soul Seal Curse from soul search.[20]

After 30 years, Han Li returned from Devilfall Valley. He fed Nangong Wan a Ancient Fire Toad's core, which was weakening the Soul Seal Curse.[21] [22]


After coming back from Great Jin after about 100 years, when Han Li visited Nangong Wan, she already woke up and continued cultivating the Youthful Celestial Moon arts. He used the curse dissolving method and lifted the Soul Seal Curse. But Nangong Wan was at a critical juncture in her cultivation and needed several years more to finish.[23]

After next 2 years of cultivating the Youthful Celestial Moon, Nangong Wan progressed to a mid Nascent Soul stage. She also accepted Mu Peiling as a friend, instead of a disciple as Han Li proposed, because of her similar past. Then she and Han Li married in the grand ceremony organized by the Drifting Cloud Sect with over 5,000 cultivators participating. The two of them only delivered a grateful address to all of the cultivators gathered at the ceremony and engaged in a formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom before departing from the scene. Then Elder Lu Luo took care of the ceremony making it extremely lively and bustling occasion. It was the most spectacular ceremony held in the Heavenly South Region for the past 1,000 years.[24]

Over next 50 years, Han Li and Nangong Wan spent decades in secluded cultivation to pursue their ultimate objective of attaining immortality. They only had occasional breaks, when they spent a year together. Despite being in love, they didn't perform dual cultivation, as they were concerned that excessive indulgence in it would negatively affect their mindsets.[25]


About 4 decades later, Han Li refined the Returning Sun Water after returninig from the Great Jin. He gave one bottle to Nangong Wan.[26] Few years later, after return from the Scattered Star Seas with the Divine Essencefused Mountain, Han Li made preparations and went into a long seclusion to make a breakthrough to Deity Transformation stage. Nangong Wan, Mu Peiling, Tian Qin'er and Shi Jian left the sect too.[27] They travelled to the Scattered Star Seas and settled on a small remote island. Han Li went into the depths of Devilfall Valley, where he made the breakthrough after 300 years. In the meantime, Nangong Wan had entered late Nascent Soul stage. On the other hand, Mu Peiling died during her breakthrough.[28]

Nangong Wan traveled to the State of Yue and ventured into the tower in the restricted area of the Trial by Blood and Fire. She obtained the inheritance of an ancient cultivator and found the Six Divine Talisman on the remains of some cultivator, possibly an Elder of the Heavenly Talisman Sect.[29]

Years later, she arrived at the island in the Five Dragon Seas, where spatial node was. She befriended Ice Phoenix Feng.[30] Nangong Wan gave Han Li the Six Divine Talisman to improve his chances for survival. They cherished their remaining time together, before the spatial node was still stable. Regardless of whether Han Li would be able to successfully ascend to the Spirit Realm, it was possible that this was their last moments together, and the chances of them reuniting were quite low.[29] After next 30 years, Han Li and Ice Phoenix Feng entered the spatial node. He left her 2 Celestial Blue Cauldrons and three colored flames. Afterwards, Nangong Wan, Tian Qin'er and Shi Jian went back to the Scattered Star Seas.[31]

Small Spirit Sky[]

While travelling through the Holy realm, Han li discovers a female human slave by the name of Zhu Guo'er practicing the same cultivation art used by Nangong Wan and discovers that she had been taught by a mysterious master from the Small Spirit Sky, a small realm like the Vast Glacial Realm.[32]

Han Li eventually reunites with Nangong Wan in the Small Spirit Sky Realm before returning to the Spirit Realm and ascending to the True Immortal Realm.

True Immortal Realm[]

Han Li is reunited with Nangong Wan after saving her from the hands of a water Dao Ancestor. At the end, a little girl assumed to be Han Li's daughter was seen playing where Nangong Wan and Han Li lived.

It was revealed that Nangong Wan was the reincarnation of the Reincarnation Hall Master's wife, Gan Rushang, and was originally a Zenith Heaven Cultivator in the True Immortal Realm. In her previous life she had a daughter named Jiao San with the The Reincarnation Hall Master, who is known as the original Han Li.

Abilities and Treasures[]

Pearl Swallow Ring[]


  • She has no sister, Nangong Bing was actually her in disguise.
  • Her initial affair with Han Li would cause Han Li to become her heart demon. Although initially she intent to kill Han Li, after seeing Han Li's progress, she decided that she would accept him as her dao companion instead.
  • Han Li fed Nangong Wan pills to increase her life expectancy.

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