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Nanjiang Region is one of 36 regions in the Jin Empire. It's the southern border of the Empire.

The region was one of the few places that weren't under the rule of a large sect. Rather, the region's resources were split up between a dozen or so mid-grade sects. Although there would commonly be strife in between these sects, if an external power were to invade, they would immediately unite. Even the Ten Great Righteous Dao Sects and Ten Great Devil Dao Sects haven't been able to subject the territory under their rule, assuming an almost independent position in the Jin Empire.[1]

Nanjiang cultivators mostly cultivated rare Yin Poison techniques that were rarely seen. Not only were they skilled in using poison and insects, their skills in curses had reached perfection.[1]

The Chaoyun Prefecture was placed in the west of Nanjiang, with Twin Scorpion Mountain located in one of its desolate mountain ranges. It was famous, because there grew many valuable poisonous plants and it was the home to two types of venomous scorpions.[1] There is also located one of the seven most dangerous places in the Great Jin, the Yin Yang Cave.[2]

In the Puyun Prefecture was located an entrance to the legendary Kunwu Mountain.[3]

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