In this stage, cultivators reform their collapsed core into a Nascent Soul, hence the name for this stage. By undergoing this transformation, the cultivators have to pass a Heart Demon Tribulation that tests their mettle and resolve. If one fails the tribulation, the Nascent Soul scatters, as does ones mind or soul. Lucky ones live on as mad lunatics, while the unfortunate ones die. However, upon successfully condensing the Nascent Soul, ones lifespan dramatically increases, and proportionally, the magical power and the strength of the physical body. Most cultivators of this stage are either renowned grand elders of sects, or a Dao reserve of a sect. These cultivators rarely involve themselves in trivial sect affairs, and most immerse themselves into further cultivation or adventures. Very few vagrant Nascent Soul cultivators exist, as most powers attempt to rope in such powerful figures with equally powerful incentives. During wars or skirmishes, battles between Nascent Soul cultivators are rarely deadly, as most who arrive at this stage are very self-motivated and would rather flee than have a battle to the death. One of the more powerful abilities of Nascent Soul cultivators is the ability to escape death should their physical body perish. Not only is the Nascent Soul fast and nimble, it can enter another suitable body, should the original host one perish.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nascent Soul looks like a two-inch tall naked infant. It has a soft and delicate skin and a face of cultivator.[1]

Stages[edit | edit source]

Early Nascent Soul[edit | edit source]

One begins their Nascent Soul cultivation with a small Nascent Soul that even in earliest stages can easily expand ones spiritual sense vast distances. Generally unbeatable by even the strongest Core Formation cultivators.

Middle Nascent Soul[edit | edit source]

By continuously strengthening the Nascent Soul, ones spiritual sense increases, as does the magical power. Cultivators of this stage are experts that few trifle with in the cultivation world and are shown immense respect.

Late Nascent Soul[edit | edit source]

Further strengthening of the Nascent Soul proportionally increases the spiritual sense and magical power, where one can easily dominate everyone of Early stage or below. Such cultivators are few and far in between, often touted as powerhouses of entire factions.

Peak Nascent Soul[edit | edit source]

By improving the Nascent soul even more and reaching the peak limits of what a mortal soul can hold, these cultivators are unrivaled under the Deity Transformation stage. They occupy the peak echelons of power and can shake entire nations. Their magical power is vast and the spiritual sense is equally potent.

Quasi-Nascent Cultivators[edit | edit source]

Although some cheat their way into the Nascent Soul cultivation level by merging and assimilating a Spirit Nascent while in their Core Formation cultivation, they are essentially stuck in the Early Nascent Soul stage. Furthermore, their magical power is slightly weaker, as is their spiritual sense. The original lifespan constriction of a maximum of 600 years for Core Formation cultivators remains as well. As such, while theoretically one can become a force above all Core Formation cultivators, it comes at a great cost as failure rates are high and material costs to raise Spirit Nascent hosts and finding compatible cultivators are astronomical.

Links and References[edit source]

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