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The Netherworld Ghost Claw was a fifth-grade immortal tool. It's a claw from a Great Heavenly Netherworld Ghost from the Nether Sea Immortal Realm. It was forged by combining countless vicious souls, 18 types of ghost blood, and 36 types of ghost aura. The claw was burned in the Netherworld Fire for over a million years before it was finally forged. The claw is imbued with extremely powerful yin-attribute nomological laws and possesses extremely potent penetrative and corrosive properties.


It was a black claw that was over 10 feet in size. That huge black claw had nine fingers and webbed fingers were found between the gaps of the fingers. Countless strands of black Qi revolved around the claw and the sound of wailing ghosts was heard, making it look like the hand of a demon.