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Nian Yu is a type of wind-attribute spirit bird, and it's a type of wind-attribute spirit bird with a very high chance of evolving. There's a chance that it possesses some kind of true spirit bloodline in its body.


After Hatching[]

Its eyes were half-closed and its fur shone with a faint green light, making it look somewhat like a hen. Its beak was short and straight, with two nostrils for breathing. Its face was puffed up and it looked rather stupid. Its neck was long and thin, with a frail-looking body attached to the back of it. It looked very out of place when compared to his massive head, as if all nutrients had been used to grow his head, causing it to look somewhat deformed. There was a shiny feather hidden underneath the the wings and tail of the bird.

After 100 years[]

The bird had a huge head and a slender neck. It was about 20 feet long and had feathers that looked like arrows all over its body. There was also a five-foot-long sack hanging from its chest. It almost reached the Nascent Soul Stage.


  • Immortal World Arc Chapter 272