A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The Nine Dragons Pearl Cauldron was a very rare treasure. There was one special feature to the pill being formed, and that was that every single hornless dragon would spit out a pill. It's just that the timing would be slightly off.

There was once a master who gathered all manner of treasures from the True Immortal Realm, as well as the True Spirit's soul, to refine a cauldron that was able to seize the fortunes of heaven and earth. There was some kind of law contained within that would allow the fusion between the ingredients to become smoother.


It was emerald in color which was seven feet tall and was almost the size of a grown man. It had two ears and three legs, which made it look like an ordinary pill furnace. However, while the material looked like it was made of jade, it wasn't actually made of some kind of jade. Flames were clearly seen raging inside, yet there wasn't the slightest hint of heat outside the furnace, which was a testament to how tightly the flames were sealed. Furthermore, there were nine pure-white horned dragons coiled around the cauldron, which were covered in dense spiritual patterns. Their mouths were opened wide and they looked very lifelike. All of them pointed at a three-legged Golden Crow sculpture on top of the cauldron.