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North Night Palace was a sect located on the North Night Island in the Great Jin's northwest.[1]

They practice mostly ice-attribute cultivation arts.[1] The sect cultivates Three Great Ice Flames with Glacial Quintessence: Celestial Ice Flames, Black Ice Flames and Ice Phoenix Flames.[2]

The sect is in possessions of Spirit Void Halls. They are the three jade palace halls that share the exact same style as the Scattered Star Sea's Heavenvoid Hall.[3] Profound Jade Cave is the greatest hidden chamber in the Spirit Void Hall. Glacial Quintessence can be find inside.[2]

The island the sect is based on have Heavenly Yin Essence Vein. The freezing glacial Qi surrounding the island from a thousand-kilometer radius is beyond deadly. Every some time, high-grade demon beasts within the borders of the Great Jin secretly gather at North Night Palace's island and launch an all-out attack on it, forcing the sect to hand over some Glacial Quintessence.[1]


The establishing ancestor of the palace had an agreement with the most powerful Demon Beasts of the Ice Sea after fiercely battling with them. So long as we don't wantonly attack the high-grade demon beasts of the ice sea, the high-grade demon beasts will not appear within a half million kilometers of North Night Island. Low-grade demon beasts aren't subjected to these restrictions.[4]

The Heavenvoid Cauldron was a spirit treasure carried by the Fairy Ice Soul, the matriarch of the North Night Palace. Matriarch had set off to travel the world with this treasure over 100 years ago, but it was nowhere to be found following her return.[5]

Demon Beast Assault[]

About 10 years after events on Kunwu Mountain, Myriad Demon Valley attacked the North Night Palace together with Ice Sea Demons The sect activated its island's Heaven Essence Yin Vein.[6] Elder Bai Yaoyi and Overseer Elder Yi fought Ice Phoenix Feng.[7] Six Nascent Soul Elders, including Palace Master Liu, operated sect's grand formation.[8] After few days of assaults, North Night Palace cultivators had retreated into the Spirit Void Hall for protection.[9]

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