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The opening theme of the donghua is called "Extraordinary: After all, in the world of cultivation, ordinary people are not mediocre!" and has remained the same throughout, although the visuals have changed.



English Simplified Chinese Pinyin
0:00 (Instrumentals)
0:16 趁年少
0:17 别今朝
0:18 启程踏遍荒草
0:21 告别平凡
0:22 寻觅逍遥
0:23 不招摇
0:24 避尘器
0:25 奈何人心难料
0:31 藏的招
0:32 无人晓
0:33 执念不曾动摇
0:36 让尔虞我诈成徒劳
0:38 掌中宝
0:39 心中刀
0:40 邪魔都不足道
0:44 孤身试炼热血烧
0:46 再一眼熟悉脸颊
0:48 再无牵挂都放下
0:50 斩断后天地为家
0:52 从此相忘于天涯
0:54 坦荡谨慎的强大
0:56 羁绊奇遇的造化
0:58 千万年仿佛一刹
1:02 这一路破空
1:04 苦难有千重
1:06 谁人懂
1:07 只求有朝再相逢
1:10 修炼尘世中
1:11 缘仇万事空
1:13 都目送
1:15 终究平凡不平庸
1:17 修炼尘世中
1:21 终究平凡不平庸
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Subtitles taken from episode 1

0:22    (Instrumentals)
0:45    Bid farewell to the past and embark upon my journey while I’m young
0:51    Leave the ordinary and look for freedom
0:53    Stay low and avoid the hustle and bustle
1:01    No one knows the hidden tricks. My determination forever remains
1:06    Let the deceptions go in vain
1:08    With the weapons held in my hands and my heart, no evil spirit can hurt me
1:14    Take a trial alone and burn my blood
1:16    One more glance of that familiar face
1:18    Let go without worries
1:20    From now on, the world is my home
1:22    The sky is no longer out of my reach
1:24    The power of being magnanimous and cautious
1:26    The magic of all extraordinary encounters
1:27    Thousands of years in a flash
1:31    I broke open my way
1:33    Who’d understand the obstacles I overcame
1:37    Hope we’ll have a chance to meet again
1:39    Cultivate in the mortal world
1:41    Nothing I see really matters
1:44    After all, ordinary is not mediocre
1:47    Cultivate in the mortal world
1:51    After all, ordinary is not mediocre