Old Ghost Bai was one of few remaining Deity Transformation cultivators in the Great Jin. He was also the ancestor of the Righteous Dao's High Zenith Sect.

Kunwu Mountain Edit

After Kunwu Mountain was unsealed, Old Ghost Bai and Hu Qinglei left this matter to their sect disciples.[1] Old Ghost Bai sent Master Sable.[2]

Xiang Zhili entered the mountain first, since he was nearby. Due to his cautionary nature, he informed Eccentric Feng about his plans beforehand sending him a message. As Xiang Zhili's exchanged primal soul pearl fell dim indicating misfortune, Eccentric Feng requested Hu Qinglei and Old Ghost Bai to go to Kunwu Mountain to assist Xiang Zhili offering them Blood Qi Pills as compensation, because he himself wasn't available to go. Since Old Ghost Bai wasn't willing to go, Hu Qinglei went himself. Old Ghost Bai decided to focus on his cultivation, hoping to reach middle Deity Transformation stage.[1]

Spatial Node Edit

Centuries later, Xiang Zhili discovered a spatial node to the Spirit Realm located in the Five Dragon Seas. He entered it together with Hu Qinglei, Eccentric Feng and Old Demon Che. Old Ghost Bai stayed in seclusion.[3]

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