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Old Man Bitter Bamboo was a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivator and the master of Bitter Bamboo Island.[1]

Although he wasn't widely famous in the mainland's cultivation world, a few mid and late Nascent Soul eccentrics on the continent held him in fear. He was famous for his 365 glacial Bitter Bamboo swords created from the Divine Mulberry Tree on the island, and was held at the same level as the three great overseas cultivators.[1]

First Meeting[]

After Han Li finished the puppet, Monarch Soul Divergence wanted to see its power.[1] They travelled to the Bitter Bamboo Island. Han Li wanted also 3 tail feathers of Black Phoenix for his Triflame Fan.[2] Old Man Bitter Bamboo left seclusion to greet them. He was unwilling to the trade, because the Black Phoenix was at a crucial moment in its growth, but he agreed to a duel.[3] He fought against the puppet with late Nascent Soul stage cultivation, which was able to block his attacks with the Tailstar Shield. As the puppet was to attack with a Thunderfire Bow, Old Man Bitter Bamboo forfeited seeing its power. Monarch Soul Divergence was pleased with witnessing his puppet's abilities. After Old Man Bitter Bamboo gave them feathers, they left.[4]

Ceremony For New Concubines[]

Hundreds of years later, Old Man Bitter Bamboo was visiting the Heavenly Devil Sect. Their Grand Elder Hu Qinglei was making a grand ceremony for his new 3 concubines.[5] After Xiang Zhili and Eccentric Feng arrived with other cultivator, Old Man Bitter Bamboo was suprised seeing Han Li again, who was at late Nascent Soul stage.[6]

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