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Old man Wei was a cultivator from Heavenly Fiend Sect.[1]


After the Righteous Dao Alliance and the Six Devil Dao Sects had discovered a withered ancient Profound Goddess's Palm near the Moulan Plains, they made a plan to acquire the Spirit Well Tree. Old man Wei was one of cultivators, who infiltrated the three sects. He went to the Drifting Cloud Sect.[1]

Old man Wei have developed a bit of an attachment towards the sect during 100 years he spent there. Elder Yun has treated him as if he were kin, shared divine techniques, and even saved his life. couldn't ignore such kindness. He has gathered suspicion from the sect Ancestors. Since they had no evidence, Old man Wei was only removed from power in the sect and was confined to stay at the Spirit Well Tree's cave.[2]


Sword Trial Assembly[]

The top 10 cultivators were taken to the Spirit Well Tree's cave for their reward. As they were waiting for the Wine Nectar, forces from the Six Devil Dao Sects, attacked. Seniors went to battle, the 10 junior cultivators were taken away and Old man Wei was stay in the cave.[3] During that distraction, cultivator Bai and Du Dong came to Old man Wei for the Spirit Well Tree.[1] Old man Wei, feeling reluctant to part away with Drifting Cloud Sect, which he was found of, only offered the Wine Nectar to take instead of whole Spirit Well Tree. As Du Dong agreed, cultivators of three sects appeared revealing they knew about their plot. But then Truelord Heavenfiend possessed Old man Wei and clashed with Child Fire Dragon and others.[4] This allowed Du Dong escape with the Wine Nectar. Cultivator Bai was killed. When Truelord Heavenfiend's possession expired, Old man Wei was captured by Child Fire Dragon.[5]


Old man Wei was at Core Formation stage and at the peak of the false Nascent stage.

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