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The Origin Soul Lamp was an antiquated lamp formed by a wisp of the peacock's soul that was capable of summoning a peacock similar to the Moulan Sacred Beast, so it was definitely no ordinary treasure. Aside from the spirit patterns all over the surface of the lamp, the materials used to refine it were extremely rare, and even Han Li wasn't able to identify all of them. However, the materials that he was able to identify were all very precious.


An Origin Soul Lamp was a treasure that could enhance soul fragments. There were also other treasures that soul fragments could be stored in, but unless the soul fragment could become an independent existence, it would inevitably disintegrate unless it returned to its host.

In contrast, there was no such concern with this Origin Soul Lamp. In fact, the treasure was capable of nurturing and enhancing the soul fragment stored within it over time. If the soul fragment could be refined using some special secret techniques, then it could even become a clone-like existence. Furthermore, regardless of how powerful the clone was, there was no need to worry about backlash as long as one possessed this Origin Soul Lamp. Under the correct circumstances, this treasure could even nurture a soul fragment of its owner to become more powerful than the owner themselves.[1]

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