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The Raging Lion (怒狮Nù shī) Ouyang Feitian (欧阳飞天ōuyáng fēitiān) is the leader of the Heavenly Tyrant Sect. He lives in the Duba Mountain Villa (独霸山庄Dúbà shānzhuāng), located in the Dominator Sect's headquarters, most of the year. He's not only a skilled martial artist, but also a conniving schemer.[1]




It was he who plotted against Ma Kongtian, Mo Juren's cousin, which divided and greatly weakened the Fearsome Flood Dragon Association. He also sent Wu Jianming, his favourite disciple, to infiltrate the Fearsome Dragon Association. As a long-standing member of the jianghu and a sect leader, he was no stranger to regular assassination attempts.[1]


He has mastered the Overlord Armor, which is the best hardening technique in the jianghu. It ensures that his entire body will be invulnerable even against blades. Hence, during every assassination attempt, he would confront the hidden weapon directly without dodging.[1]


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