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Patriarch Mi Lao was the sect leader of the True Speech Sect in the immortal realm. He was a fat monk with long earlobes.[?]


Ancestor Milo was the last sect leader before the destruction of the Immortal Realm's True Speech Sect. He practiced the Law of Time to the late-Zenith Heaven period, and had five direct disciples.

Later, because Han Li traveled through time and eavesdropped on Patriarch Milo's sermon

on the "Great Five Elements Fantasy World Technique", he accepted Han Li as his seventh disciple after Han Li traveled through time for the second time.



The eldest disciple Mu Yan practices the law of time with the attribute of wood - "Dongyi Kurong Sutra". Ancestor Milo, one of the most ill-tempered among the many closed disciples, was betrayed and attacked by Kimozi on the eve of the True Words Sect war and died in a sneak attack. The main palace where he is located, Dongyi Palace, contains a spiritual tree that has a good effect on catastrophes of evil and decline - the two-life tree. [5-6]

The second disciple, Qimozi, practices the law of fire attribute time - "The Collection of Interrupted Time Flowing Fire". The traitor of the True Word Sect notified the Heavenly Court of the meeting between Patriarch Milo and the Master of the Samsara Hall, and the Heavenly Court destroyed the True Word Sect on the grounds that the True Word Sect had colluded with the Samsara Hall and the Gray Realm. After the True Words Sect war, he took refuge in the Heavenly Court and became a star officer, in charge of the Immortal Prison.

The third disciple, Wu Yang, practices the law of metallic time - the "True Word Transformation Wheel Sutra". After the Zhenyan Sect war, he took refuge in the Samsara Palace and became a deputy palace master.

The fourth disciple, Jin Yuanzi, practices the earth attribute time law - "The Book of Illusion Dust". He disappeared for a long time after the War of the True Word Gate. It is said that he later became successful in practicing Taoism. He tried to challenge the Taoist ancestors of time (ancient or modern) but was eventually defeated and died, completely losing his trace.

The fifth disciple, Heze, practices the law of water attribute time - "The Four Seasons of Water Evolution". The True Word Sect War was suspected of being severely damaged by a sneak attack by Kimozi, and he was forced to hang himself and sleep in a pool of water of time that he had cultivated and accumulated for many years deep in the Shuiyan Palace of his main palace, until Han Li came here many years later and accidentally touched it. Awake. After He Ze passed on his cultivation secret book "The Four Seasons of Water Evolution" (full text) and the cultivation experience related to the secret book to Han Li, and asked Han Li to leave a request to "kill Qimozi" , he followed a pool of time. Water dissipates into heaven and earth. [4]

After watching the Green Mouse, he made some achievements in practice. After the True Word Sect battle, he helped the escaped disciples of the True Word Sect cross the wilderness and enter the Northern Cold Fairyland. He died in the wilderness with the gray fairy who attacked him, and his last treasure was found by Han Li.

The seventh disciple, Han Li, learned the Zhenyan Sect's treasured book "The Great Five Elements Illusion World Technique". The disciple of Patriarch Milo, who passed on the mantle of Milo. After the final war, the True Word Gate was rebuilt in the Black Earth Immortal Realm.