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Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword is a Profound Heavenly Treasure and a Divine Spirit Treasure ranked 3rd on Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll.(Rank mentioned)[1] (Name mentioned)[2]


A small oval rod from being fertilized with the green liquids of the mysterious little vial. It's surface contains a dark green patterns, and looks as if a blend of metal, and wood. It transformed into a shimmering blade that was around a foot in length. The blade was of a vibrant green color and as smooth as a mirror. However, there was a line of five green runes inscribed onto the center of the blade, all of which were emanating a menacing light.


It was a Profound Heavenly Fruit of the Profound Goddess's Palm Tree that Han Li had been nurturing for countless years. It acquired sentient will and pierced Han Li's hand even though he had Provenance True Devil Arts activated and sucked 2 thirds of blood essence.[3]



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