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The Profound Heavenly Treasures were treasures born from sensing the power of a certain plane, and they were considered a type of Immortal Artifact, which was commonly known as Connate Immortal Artifact in the True Immortal Realm. It would often appear when a plane was first created and would often appear in the form of spirit wood.

Spirit trees would then be able to sense the essence of heaven and earth before they would be able to produce spirit flowers or spirit fruits that could ignore the laws of heaven and earth. Generally speaking, there would only be four or five such spirit fruits that could be found in a world, making them extremely rare and precious.

The cycles in which these spirit trees bear fruit and blossom were also very unique. Most of them took hundreds of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years to bear fruit. Once they bear fruit, the cycles would last for several days, and the cycles would quickly decay over a few minutes. Such a long period of growth and such a short period of decay made it practically impossible for people to get their hands on the spirit fruits and flowers.

According to the records in the book, there was another type of Acquired Immortal Artifact other than that type of Connate Immortal Artifact. It was not something that was nurtured by the heavens and earth, but a treasure that was forged by immortals and contained the power of law.

There was no such thing as strong or weak between the two. When it came to comparing the two, the key would be to see how much power of law each of them contained or what type of power of law they could control. Furthermore, the strength of the wielder of the immortal artifact was naturally one of the most important factors.

In terms of quantity, connate immortal artifacts were far fewer in number than acquired immortal artifacts. However, due to the possibility of further nurturing and maturing, they were more favored by high-level immortals. Be it connate or acquired immortal artifacts, both were extremely rare in the Immortal Realm. Few Itinerant Immortals were able to own immortal artifacts, and immortals capable of forging acquired ones were even rarer.

While the treasure itself is of sufficient quality and contains nomological powers, making it considered an Immortal Artifact, there is a huge difference between the Immortal Artifacts. According to the number of nomological powers contained in the Immortal Artifact, the Hundred Creations Mountain evaluated nine grades, with the lowest being nine grade and the highest being one grade.

Grade four was a dividing line among immortal tools. Refining a fourth-rank immortal tool required extremely stringent requirements regarding the quality of the material and the crafting techniques involved. It was said that refining a fourth-rank immortal tool would result in a treasure tribulation.[1]

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