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A secret technique for cultivating a second primal soul. Later, one may even be able to nurture a second Nascent Soul.

This technique was entirely different from the External Incarnation Technique. This heaven-defying technique truly created a second incarnation of one’s self. Once this technique was fully cultivated, one would possess an entirely independent Nascent Soul. Although there was something of a master-servant relationship between the two, each one would be able to survive if the other met an unexpected end.

It was merely that the secondary Nascent Soul suffer a great loss in vitality if the main Nascent Soul were to perish, before it could slowly take the place of the main Nascent Soul. If the secondary Nascent Soul were to perish, it would leave the main Nascent Soul completely unaffected.

The second Nascent Soul could be fused into the body of a superior cultivator’s corpse and form an incarnation. Once the incarnation was complete, it was a genuine existence outside of the main body. Even if his main body perished, the user would survive so long as the incarnation did. After all, both bodies would hold the exact same memories and emotions.

This technique was entirely different from when he had Crooked Soul become a fiend core incarnation. Crooked Soul was merely a puppet that Han Li could control with a sliver of his primal soul. It had no emotions of its own nor independent ability. Furthermore, Crooked Soul had to be in range of Han Li’s spiritual sense, else he would lose control.

As for the incarnation created from the Profound Nascent Formation Arts, it could exist entirely on its own regardless of distance. It would take independent action without orders as if it were just another cultivator.[1]

It had some similarities to the Righteous Dao's Three Truths Severance Arts.

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