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Since this technique is split into three portions and are all unique, I may as well call them the Provenance True Devil Arts.
— Han Li[1]


Han Li first discovered mysterious notes in an Old Hide Book possessed by a Qi Condensation cultivator.[2] He then obtained the Sacred Provenance Plate during a hidden auction that took place after the Beast Torrent which destroyed the Wondrous Depths Island Human's Faction in the Outer Seas.[3] Much later, Han Li learned the Brightjade Arts during his trip to Jin Empire.[4] The Heavenbearing Devil Arts was then given to him by Man Huzi himself.[5] Finally, the Endless Sky Beast told Han Li about the meaning of the art written in the Old Hide Book which was called the Nine Gale Transformations Art. This made Han Li resolve himself to cultivate hard his body with the Brightjade Arts as this new art that was normally used by winged demon beasts with strong bodies, could help him use more efficiently his Thunderstorm Wings.[6]

All of these techniques had a relation to the Elder Devil Realm but each was modified by a faction of the Mortal Realm :

From there Han Li managed to recreate the strong art that the Sacred Provenance Plate depicted, but with his own techniques and without needing true devil Qi, only worldly essence Qi.

Trivia : There was three parts/techniques written on Sacred Provenance Plate. Han Li is using one of the true parts but the Brightjade Arts and Heavenbearing Devil Arts should come from different sources. It don't change anything to the result though.


  • Provenance True Devil Physique [7] sometime call "Holy Nirvana Physique(by Elder Devil Realm's Cultivator)"[8] or True Devil Physique(by Spirit Realm's Cultivator): the giant golden projection with three heads and six arms appeared.[9]

Quotes to understand[]

He didn't know how it had become a top-grade devilish art, but that didn't really matter. What was important was that he had somehow gathered the complete set of cultivation arts. What was important was that he had somehow gathered the complete set of cultivation arts. Furthermore, the fact that the Nine Gale Transformations that Han Li wanted to cultivate required progression in the Brightjade Arts made him feel as if there were some kind of profound greater power at work, trying to make him cultivate the Sacred Provenance Plate.
He did happen to possess a set of dual cultivation arts. They are the Heavenbearing Devil Art and the techniques from the Sacred Provenance Plate.

Han Li already confirmed that those two techniques are closely related to one another and the Brightjade Arts.

Since all three techniques can be cultivated separately and all possessed their own abilities, they can be considered a set of cultivation arts and can be cultivated in sequence.

If he cultivated them without relation to one another, the other two techniques wouldn’t have a previous foundation for cultivation and the strength would be only displayed at a tenth of its potential. But if he cultivated them together from the very start and restored the set of dual cultivation arts, they would reach their full potential. Although these techniques originated from an extremely powerful devilish art from the True Devil Realm, after passing through expert revisions from the human Buddhist sects and the devilish Dao as well as the demon clan, they were now entirely different. Cultivating magic and body didn’t use true devil Qi, but worldly essence Qi.


When the Buddhist Sect’s Brightjade Arts and the Devil Dao’s Heavenbearing Devil Arts were created, they were regarded as different cultivation techniques. And the Sacred Provenance Plate’s techniques was a legacy passed down by the mortal realm’s demon king. It was missing two parts, but it couldn't be the same as the Brightjade Arts and the Heavenbearing Devil Arts.

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