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This blade segment is a Profound Heavenly Treasure from the Elder Devil Realm. Back when the Fortune Blade was destroyed, it had already lost most of its powers, and it's since been split into three segments.[1]


However, the fact of the matter was that a slash unleashed by this blade segment had been able to destroy his Spring Dawn Sword Formation with ease, so if this weren't a Profound Heavenly Treasure, it was definitely not something that normal Divine Spirit Treasures could compare with.

As such, Han Li was leaning more toward the notion that this treasure was incomplete, thereby severely hampering its power.

Of course, this could also be due to the fact that the power of laws imbued with this blade segment was of the lowest caliber among all Profound Spirit Treasures. Alternatively, the power of laws imbued within his Profound Heavenly Sword could've just so happened to be the bane of the power of laws contained within this blade segment, which would explain why the clash between the two powers of laws proved to be such a mismatch in the end.

At such close quarters, he discovered that the treasure was close to completely transparent, and that it was slowly absorbing the golden light around it. As it did so, the slightly feeble strange creature within the blade suddenly became more energetic as it moved around within the blade.

Wisps of golden light were also gradually emanating from the blade segment, looking as if it were being assimilated by Han Li's Provenance True Devil Arts.

He had activated his Provenance True Devil Arts to its maximal extent, and bursts of golden light were flowing toward the blade segment in a frenzy.

The blade segment devoured the golden light with relish, and after just the span of a few breaths, it had taken on a golden hue as opposed to its original purple color. However, the blade segment wasn't devouring the golden light any slower as a result. Instead, the unknown creature within it suddenly became very elated, and its body also took on a golden color.[2]




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