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In this stage, mortals begin their journey on the path of immortality by condensing and circulating strands of Heaven and Earth Qi, in turn refining it, and making it a part of their power stored in their dantian. Together these strands condense into loose clouds of Qi.

Because cultivators of this realm have the same lifespan as ordinary mortals, they are not considered to yet be true cultivators. Although they are still oftentimes acknowledged by ordinary mortals as "immortal cultivators" as they are able to use a few low level magical techniques.

Cultivators enter the Qi Condensation stage when they successfully begin absorbing strands of Spiritual Energy into their Dantians. These strands condense into loose clouds of Spiritual Energy. Mortals enter the cultivation world when they enter this stage. Unfortunately, entering this stage does not grant any increase to the lifespan of a cultivator. As a result, Qi Condensation cultivators are looked-down upon as being stronger mortals.

Since Qi Condensation cultivators are able to collect and store small amounts of Spiritual Energy, they are able to use low-level magical abilities, tools and treasures. There are 13 stages of Qi Condensation. Each incremental stage is achieved through increased absorption of Spiritual Energy. Qi Condensation cultivator refine their mortal bodies as they progress through the 13 stages. In general, Qi condensation cultivators of a higher grade have the ability to consume more spiritual energy allowing them to use increasingly powerful artifacts.

In the Mortal World, Qi Condensation cultivators are typically treated as low-level disciples if they are nearing the end of their lifespan. Young Qi Condensation cultivators are groomed by the sect to ensure continued prosperity.

Useful Resources[]

Qi Condensation cultivators benefit from cultivation materials with Spiritual Energy, materials that enhance their bodies, and that provide external assistance in times of need.

Resource Chapter Description
Brightsight Spirit Water 619 Spirit water concocted from the nectar of a Spirit Well Tree - a source of one of three Divine Woods. The water enhances eyesight allowing a cultivator to clearly see through mist and stone.
Face Setting Pill 243 A pill concocted from many thousand-year medical herbs, that preserves a cultivators appearance at the time of consumption. It is also referred to as the Eternal Youth Pill.


  • First Level of Qi Condensation
  • Second Level of Qi Condensation 
  • Third Level of Qi Condensation
  • Fourth Level of Qi Condensation 
  • Fifth Level of Qi Condensation
  • Sixth Level of Qi Condensation 
  • Seventh Level of Qi Condensation 
  • Eighth Level of Qi Condensation 
  • Ninth Level of Qi Condensation 
  • Tenth Level of Qi Condensation
  • Eleventh Level of Qi Condensation
  • Twelfth Level of Qi Condensation
  • Thirteenth Level of Qi Condensation