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Wearing a set of yellow Daoist robes with a worn-out black wooden sword on his back. This was a young Daoist priest who appeared to only be 17 to 18 years of age.


Member of the Mistsea Sect and Friends with Hai Yuetian, becomes an in-name diciple to Han Li because Han li likes his character and requires nearly no help due to his Legacy Cultivation art.

He inherited the cultivation art from the founding father of the Mist sea Sect, that he alleged was able to dominate all the human world in his lower realm and exterminate all demons.

First Meeting[]

He was being hunted by several Foundation Establishment Cultivators from a small local sect that he had offended alongside Hai Yuetian. Han Li discover them and make a cursory inspection with his spiritual sense discovering that despite having a very mediocre spiritual root he was using a quite special cultivation art that allow him to take on several cultivators of the same cultivation base as him at once.

Han Li saves them and after discovering that he was travel to the Myriad Treasure Convention they insisted on accompanying him.

  1. Chapter 1783 (Novel)