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Master Sable was a late Nascent Soul stage Elder of High Zenith Sect.

Master Sable had a past with Lady Mu.[1] [2]


Heavenly Devil Sect and High Zenith Sect were investigating the matter of the Mountain Crushing Seal refined by Ye Clan.[3] Once the mysterious pillars of light appeared in the Puyun Prefecture in the Nanjiang Province, it drew attention of many sects and cultivators. After investigation, Master Sable contacted Daoist Sevenwonders and arrived around the opening of the seal to Kunwu Mountain, which was blocked. There he met two parties of Immortal Form Sect and Yin Sifting Sect with Soaring Tribes' Immortals. He tried to dissuade Lady Mu from entering, buy to no avail. Despite hearing that Daoist Sevenwonders was on his way with great treasure, Ge Tianhao, Saintess Lin Yinping and Grand Immortal Xu decided to try passing through the blockade. Once they succedded, Lady Mu and her junior martial sister went through too with their Sun Moon Shuttle.[1]

Still waiting outside, Master Sable received reports that breaching the seal was the doing of the Ye Clan, who pursued Divine Spirit Treasures and was ordered by his Master Old Ghost Bai that he was to enter only with the assistance of Daoist Sevenwonders and to prevent anyone else from entering.[4] Both sects wanted to stop others from releasing sealed Elder Devil Sacred Ancestor.[5]

Kunwu Mountain[]

When they entered 8th floor of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, Master Sable and Daoist Sevenwonders met Saintess Lin Yinping, Grand Immortal Xu, Han Li and Gui Ling.[6] As they questioned them, everyone was teleported to 9th floor.[7] There Long Meng, Corpse Xiong, Ye Clan Grand Elder, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk fought against Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha's soul fragment in the two-headed wolf form. The Black Wind Flag clashed with the Eight Spirit Ruler. Lady Mu fought against her bewitched junior sister. Daoist Sevenwonders and Master Sable joined the fray, using Devil Restriction Bands and Heavenbound Blade respectively.[8] Yuan Cha's soul fragment faked being restrained with 5 Devil Restriction Bands and Lady Mu was rended to shreds. Master Sable attempted to save Lady Mu's Nascent Soul but to no avail.[2] [9] Using Spatial Soul Crossing, Yuan Cha's soul fragment summoned her main soul, which destroyed Master Sable's Mountain Crushing Seal and Sevenwonders's Scarlet Cry Drum. Then Lion Hawk was obliterated.[10] And Nightfiend was burned in black flames. Grand Immortal Xu's Nascent Soul possessing his Keen Spirit Peacock also met his end. The Peacock was roasted and his Nascent Soul exploded with flick of her finger.[11] Han Li managed to survive her attack with the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

Meanwhile, Silvermoon and Long Meng fused into Ling Long. Yuan Cha wanted to let her go due to the she-wolf being granddaughter of Demon Monarch Ao Xiao, but the latter admonished her.[12] With ended supply of perfect devil Qi, Yuan Cha's main soul disappeared after launching last attack. Ling Long was injured despite using the Star Defying Plate.[13]

Afterwards, Yuan Cha's soul fragment transformed Ye Yuesheng into giant three-headed six-armed Jialun War Devil, which burnt Master Sable into nothingness with spit out black light.[14]

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