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Sage Le was a mid Nascent Soul stage Sage of Moulan Tribes. She was the most powerful female spell warrior in the Moulan Tribes and even Divine Sages treated her with respect.[1]

Sage Le was able to rival Saintess Tianlan of the Soaring Tribes. Sage Le considered the battle her defeat though and loathed when others mentioned the matter.[2]

Moulan invasion[]

Once another war with Nine Nations Union started, Moulans working with their allies were attacking posts at the border of the State of Yu.[3]

Sage Le led one of the attacks. 300 Moulan spell warriors were killed in a formation through a trap.[2] Sage Ku Yao led spell warriors.[4] Sage Wen fought Old man Ma. And Sage Ku Yao faced Senior Lu, together with his Four-Eared Golden Ape artifact spirit.[5] When Sage Le wanted to destroy formation, she encountered Han Li.[6] At the center of formation, she fallen into a trap of Han Li and Silvermoon.[7] With her Bright Origin Lantern's azure flames, she handled Purple Cloudlace's Jadesun Flames, and Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords covered with Divine Devilbane Lightning and Celestial Ice Flames. But when Han Li used Purple Apex Flames, Silvermoon managed to steal the Bright Origin Lantern.[1] While they fought, Divine Sage Zhong arrived and killed Senior Lu. Old man Ma lost an arm. Sage Le was relieved. As Han Li was chased away by the Divine Sage, Old man Ma was hunted down by Sage Le.[8]

During the final battle, Sage Le summoned the Sacred Bird using the Bright Origin Lantern. The projection of the sacred beast was at late Nascent Soul stage. The Great Truth Sect cultivators tried to seal it.[9] As the Sacred Bird was wearing down the Great Truth Sect cultivators, Yin Yang Devils were released and sent upon it.[10] [11] Despite that, it neutered the 2 devils.[12] Few cultivators tried to get the Bright Origin Lantern, but Sage Le killed them all. Then, Han Li snatched the Bright Origin Lantern using Profound Ghosthand, after distraction with puppets. Because of him, the Sacred Bird lost power and faded away.[13] Suddenly, Divine Sage Zhu received news about the attack of Soaring Tribes, and both sides stopped fighting.[14]

Devilfall Valley[]

As rumors began to spread that the Ghost Spirit Sect had acquired a method to enter Devilfall Valley, Moulans were interested like many others. At the entrance to Devilfall Valley, a group of Moulan spell warriors arrived, including Divine Sage Zhong and Sage Le.[15] They were among the first to use the Ghost Spirit Sect's transportation formation.[16] Their party broke few restriction, where there were no treasures to be found, and lost 2 men to spatial tears.[17] As Wei Wuya, Ling Hu, the Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect, Cheng Tiankun and Dongmen Tu were fighting the soul fragment of an Elder Devil Bloodflame, Moulan appeared. Sage Le summoned the Moulan Sacred Bird and they were able to grievously wound the Elder Devil. The Divine Sage Zhong was able to cut off one of Bloodflame's heads, but it still managed to escape.[18]

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