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The mountain is home to thousands of cultivators, and sits on top of the best Spirit Veins in the Scattered Star Seas attracting cultivators who seek to use the rich spiritual energy (Qi) to further their cultivation. The tip of the mountain has the densest concentration of spiritual energy and is where the Heavenly Star Sages have secluded themselves.

The mountain is divided into 81 layers with the first layer being at the tip of the mountain. Each layer is a ring that is progressively lower down the mountain with the 81st layer being at the bottom. The higher layers - in terms of elevation - enable cultivators greater access to denser spiritual energy.

Unlike the rest of the cultivation world, residents rent their residence instead of own it. The bottom 50 layers are available for any cultivator to rent. The highest 31 layers are reserved for Elders of the Star Palace and the Heavenly Star Sages. Caves and homes are prebuilt and rented with spirit stones. The higher the elevation the higher the cost. Cultivators take possession upon signing the cultivator equivalent of a "Lease". They are free to modify the residence as they see fit - such as install additional formation spells and barriers.

The cost of a cave residence at the thirty-ninth layer left Han Li feeling heartache, not to mention the forty-seventh layer cave. Also, these were just the costs of merely a hundred years of use. The price went up to three thousand spirit stones, a price that was far beyond reason!

Every 100 years rent is due. If rent is not repaid the Star Palace reclaims the residence through force, if necessary.