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The Samsara Palace, or the Reincarnation Palace, has a very deep foundation. Aside from the fact that its power is not inferior to that of the Northern Chill Immortal Palace to begin with, it has all manner of pills, materials, secret techniques, and cultivation techniques that would be of great help to the cultivators in their cultivation. The Impermanent Alliance could be considered a subsidiary organization of the Reincarnation Palace.

It is different from other sects. It doesn’t have a set area of influence, and a rather loose organization that doesn't restrict the members from staying in one place. Furthermore, all of the members of the Reincarnation Palace use special communication treasures to communicate with one another. Members of the Palace of Samsara need to complete a mission every thousand years. Of course, you could choose not to do this mission, but you'd need to pay immortal essence stones of equal value as the contents of the mission, or other resources.

The masks of the Palace of Samsara are divided into four colors—blue, azure, red, and black. They represent one's status in the Palace of Samsara. The black mask is the symbol of the core members of the Palace of Samsara.[1]

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