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Eccentric Scarletflame is the sole hegemon of Turtle Source Island.


Eccentric Scarletflame was a large purple-faced man. He wore red robes.[1]


Eccentric Scarletflame was well-known in the Scattered Star Seas from the unpredictability of his Water Sunflower Devilish Art and his brutal ruthlessness. he had a great talent and was extremely likely to enter Nascent Soul stage in opinion of many cultivators.[2]

His Master had relation with Grandmaster Zenith Yin's Senior.[1]


Book 4[]

Eccentric Scarletflame was invited by Wang Ning for a quest to retrieve stolen goods of her Exquisite Sound Sect. She wanted to avenge her mother, the late Sect Master.[2] At Hidden Fiend Sect's lair, Eccentric Scarletflame fought 3 Core Formation cultivators.[3] After the Sect Master of Hidden Fiend Sect at late Core Formation stage arrived, it turned out it was Wu Chou, who planned robbery and used Exquisite Sound Sect's Elders to decept the sect.[4] When Grandmaster Zenith Yin showed up himself, forces of Exquisite Sound Sect and Hidden Fiend Sect fought him together.[5] During the fight, the Sect Master of Hidden Fiend Sect and Eccentric Scarletflame with Grandmaster Zenith Yin, Scarletflame suddenly changed sides and attacked the Sect Master.[6] Grandmaster Zenith Yin wanted give Wang Ning to Scarletflame as a furnace cauldron, but he passed on her for Zenith Yin's grandson, Wu Chou. After Scarletflame showed worry about the Star Palace, Zenith Yin dispelled it saying Heavenly Star Sages were not gonna act.[1] After they captured his traitorous disciple, the Sect Master of Hidden Fiend Sect, they were about to acquire the Heavenvoid Map from him, to enter Heavenvoid Hall later.[7]

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