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The Scattered Star Seas also known as the Star Seas refers to an wide area in the middle of an Ocean littered with islands both large and small that are usually linked to Spiritual Veins - a source of spiritual energy that cultivators vie to absorb to assist with cultivating. Usually larger islands have larger sources of spiritual energy. The Star Seas are divided into two parts - the Inner and Outer Star Seas.

Records have even said that in ancient times, regardless of whether it were the inner or outer seas, demon beasts reigned supreme, and cultivators were trapped on small, solitary islands. After an unknown amount of time, the previous generations of the Scattered Star Seas managed to slay the demon beasts one by one, making way for the development of the current Inner Star Seas... While the origins of its creation are uncertain, some believe that it was established by ancient elders that eliminated the demon beasts. Others said that an ancient hero united the Scattered Star Seas at the time, while other rumors are endless and equally contested.[1]

It's possible to fly from Scattered Star Seas to the Great Jin, but the journey may take upward of 10 years, and will be quite a perilous. There also exist ancient teleportation formations, but they are of limited availability.[2]


The main currency in the Star Seas are Spirit Stones, consistent with the rest of the cultivation world. Rare cultivation materials, most notably Demon Beast Cores, are also usable in bartering with other cultivators and organizations - also consistent with the rest of the cultivation world.

As for the value of spirit stones, a grade five demon beast core could be sold for nearly a thousand spirit stones. As for grade six spirit stones, the profits would be enough to fund a Foundation Establishment cultivator for a lifetime


The Scattered Star Seas have an abundance of cultivation resources that include rare and ancient spiritual herbs, spiritual energy veins, ancient treasures, and Demon Beasts. There are more cultivation materials in higher grades, than the State of Yue on the continent. However, access to these cultivation materials is much more difficult with cultivators needing to brave much greater danger to slay Demon Beasts for their Demon Cores which are used in producing pills to lend great assistance when cultivating to higher stages. Unlike the continent, it is easier to find Fifth grade and higher Demon Beasts.

Three Great Natural Disasters[]


Heavenly winds, demonic beasts, and ghost mists are known as the three great natural disasters in the Scattered Star Seas. (...) It should be known that most of the demonic beasts of the sea are beyond huge and are proficient in water attribute demonic techniques. Us mortals have no way of dealing with them. Only Immortals are able to strike them down.

As for heavenly winds, they are hurricanes that occur twice a year that sweep through the entirety of the Scattered Star Seas. The areas it passes suffer from monstrous sea waves, destroying lives and shelters. If we were not on an island protected by immortal techniques, us mortals would face certain doom. It is also said that if an Immortal were to be dragged into a heavenly wind, it would be extremely difficult to escape, and they would likely die within.

The Ghost Mist is the most fearful and mysterious of the natural disasters of the Scattered Star Seas. It is a black mist that often drifts erratically across the sea. Any life trapped within that black mist will not escape from it. If mortals see it, their death is already decided. As for cultivators, they are no exception either; if cultivators see it, it will be far too late for them to escape as well. Although this mist is terrible, it only appears at certain locations. It never approaches the larger islands. So long as one takes precaution, it is possible to preserve one’s life. As a result, this particular natural disaster has killed the fewest people despite being the most fearsome.

Wang Changqing [3]

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